Jurassic World: Dominion drives the franchise to an extinction level event

by Gordon Shelly

The Jurassic World franchise had become the dinosaur and this latest entry proves that it’s time to let this dinosaur go extinct.

Of course, we understand as fans and movie watchers that all major franchises are, at best, a corporate cash grab aiming to entertain with popcorn-style entertainment.  And, yes, this sequel does pick up where Fallen Kingdom left off, but it really truly falls flat, even as bare bones, mindless entertainment.

When I review movies, I like to find something good in every movie. In the instance of Jurassic World: Dominion, I can appreciate the effort of thousands of crewmembers who certainly worked endlessly on the endless parade of digital effects.

And there is a lot of well-directed running. The actors run and run and run. Then just when you think they are done running, they run some more.

So with that I commend the crew and the running. Fantastic work on both counts.

Beyond those two elements, the franchise has become exactly what the characters time and time again preach against.  This franchise has become a fine example of corporate greed pursuing a profit at any cost.

The cost in this case? The price of a movie ticket.

Gordon’s Grade: D