Katniss Kills Jacob – The Hunger Games Vs. Twilight Epic Showdown

Watch the video to the right. Consider your favorite.

Decide their fates.

Who would kick whose a$$?

Is Katniss only supreme in the arena?  Does Bella really have what it takes to be a cold-hearted killer?

We all know they could both beat the twinkling-in-the-twilight metro vampire Eddie Cullen to an undead pulp, but what would they do to one another?

Imagine this scenario … an arena with bodies strewn everywhere. Two people prepare for a final showdown. But first we see the body of Gale Hawthorne in the final throes of death — his throat apparently ripped open by a ferocious set of teeth. Nearby is Edward Cullen with an arrow in his heart, slowly sizzling away as the sunlight turns him into a smoldering mess — apparently he died for love, sacrificing his life and taking an arrow for Bella, one of the two survivors. The other? Why Katniss, of course.

Katniss prepares another arrow. Bella scowls with teenage angst.

Let the voting begin:

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