Zombies Dawneth of Thine Dead

This is definitely ye olde original, as it’s set in Black Death Britain, with knights and Kings and of course, Zombies. The first thing I thought of while watching this was of Game of Thrones with their White Walkers because the similarity is uncanny. Perhaps this is a deliberate ploy to get in on the lucrative Thrones action. It uses a very similar color palate but the beginning of the film is so much alike with the opening scenes from Return of the King (Peter Jackson), when Frodo and co. have to set off on the last leg to Mount Doom.

Five fighting men must travel with the Cup of Christ, keeping it safe from bandits and of course, must try to stay alive when flesh eating Zombies want to feast on their bodies. The ancient relic is held by a priest who, for some reason is hated by a gang of killers who want the cup for themselves, but also want to slay each and every one of the men protecting the chalice. At this point we don’t even know if it’s the real Cup of Christ or if it’s another fake.

The assassins appear to hate the knights and the priest, especially their leader. He summons his men to stop at nothing until they execute the entire group, but as the film progresses, we still remain in the dark as to why the knights and priest are actually being hunted in the first place. The acting was pretty good on the whole but there were a couple of less than adequate performances, however this may have been down to a rushed shoot, as it certainly felt that way. The overall production was good, the sets and costume were also a strong point and kept it mostly believable. Not the greatest medieval romp but it was well worth the effort. If Game of Thrones appeals to you then you will find this movie quite enjoyable and the sets familiar. Call it, Game of Thrones Lite.

Grade: C

By Ed Blackadder