Extraordinary Feature, The Fox, Takes Top Honors at INFLUX Film Awards!

Lomad (The Fox) has won Best Feature Film in the 11th Season of the INFLUX Film Awards.  Additionally, filmmaker Hemwant Tiwari also claimed the Best Actor Award.

Lomad is an extraordinary exploration into what happens when people dredge up things from their past. Two past friends, now married but not to each other, who have long lost touch, find each other on social media and naively decide to meet up.

Tempting fate proves to be their downfall as this simple encounter flares up old demons and long buried incidents which mires them in an inescapable series of events that dooms them.

The film is carried by some exquisite performances by all of the actors. There is not one weak link in this cast, from the brutally convincing sadistic and corrupt cop to the two terrific leads.

The movie concludes with exquisite performances in the final act as secrets rise to the surface. All of the actors show tremendous range with their characters.

All of the intense performances are even more impressive when you realize the film was shot in one ninety-three minute take. All of the plot twists seem to percolate with the spontaneity of the camera work and the actors’ high energy. I honestly don’t know how they did it.

No one seemed to make any mistakes, as the hypnotic focus of the actors, as well as the camera operators who captured it all, make Lomad a cinematic feat and certainly one to remember.

Review by J.R.