May 7th gave me some reasons to cheer…

by Martin Hafer

Yesterday, my oldest daughter was sitting very anxiously with her computer…waiting to find out what shows the networks would renew or green light.  The three shows we were most interested in were all given the go-ahead….and if you listen very carefully, you might just be able to hear my daughter celebrating!  She is that excited with the news.

For me, the most important announcement was the renewal of Galavant for a second season.  I’ve already written about this terrific musical series and I don’t want to go on and on and on about it….but you must watch this show!  Read my follow-up article about the series to learn more.

Another nice little surprise was the announcement that a new Muppet Show would also be coming to ABC in addition to Galavant.  I love the Muppets and really liked their last two movies (especially 2011’s The Muppets).  I also enjoyed the campy 1970s TV show and HOPE the new incarnation of the Muppets is similar when it comes to enjoyability.  However, I also remember the last attempt to reboot the Muppets on television,Muppets Tonight, and it was a disaster–with creepy new characters and none of the fun or charm of the old series.  So what will this new one be like?  Well, according to ABC, it’s going to be a semi-documentary style show–much like The Office!  Will this work?  Who knows…but I am excited to find out soon!

The other renewal was no surprise at all considering that BBC America’s Orphan Black.  It’s a strikingly original show that sure keeps you guessing.  What’s it all about?  Well, you really have to see this one to understand its strange plot and apparently a lot of people have been doing just that–making it a hit with fans, if not the awards shows.

So what does all this mean?  Well, I see it as ample evidence that television is not dead and is actually showing new signs of life!  I’m excited about these shows but would also love to hear from you.  Which renewals, new shows or cancellations excite or annoy you?