I hope to see more from this guy

by Martin Hafer

One of my favorite types of film are animated shorts. I’ve written some recent articles about the animated films of Don Hertzfeldt, as well as my impressions of the recent nominees for the Oscar for Best Animated Short. So, I am always on the lookout for excellent animated films–particularly by new filmmakers.

Many of the animated shorts you see these days are like calling cards, showing the public and investors the sort of work the filmmaker is capable of, presumably in the hope that they’ll get a chance to do something bigger. And, it’s really exciting to see one of these filmmakers actually get noticed.

Written & Directed by
Christopher Romano
Pili Montilla, Christopher Romano, Alvaro Segura
Release Date
Out Now
Martin’s Grade: A

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A filmmaker who’s been on my radar recently is Christopher Romano.  While he’s spent a lot of time over the years on other folks’ films producing visual effects, Romano has also tried his hand at directing a few of his own. Romano has grown as a filmmaker, and his newest efforts really are outstanding. Monstro! is a wonderfully made computer generated animation that’s a homage to the old Universal creature feature The Creature From the Black Lagoon. Romano says it was also inspired by the old film Mad Monster Party. The film is handled extremely well and really made me smile–mostly because the characters are so delightful and the story contains wonderful humor.  It’s also been playing in a large number of film festivals and has garnered some awards. Fortunately, you can watch it below, so you do not need to find your local festival in order to see it.  And instead of me going on and on how much I enjoyed it, you should definitely see it for yourself.

Monstro! isn’t all that Romano is doing these days. The filmmaker has made a few other animated shorts, as well as some delightful commercials. His Tang advertisement is particularly cute.  Again, you can see this one for yourself here and see how charming it is.

¡MONSTRO! from Chris Romano on Vimeo.