A one-of-a-kind kooky picture

by Martin Hafer

Rupert Grint will forever be known as the actor who played Ron Weasley, no matter how many more films he makes and even if the films are nothing like the Harry Potter franchise. Because of this, some folks might be a bit aghast at his latest film, Moonwalkers, as he’s about as far from Ron Weasley as you could imagine! Instead of the angst-filled teen, here he’s an adult living back in 1969 and he hangs with a pretty wild crowd of. He and his friends take drugs, hang out at avant garde parties where clothing is surely optional and he’s a bit of a crook! In addition, he’s joined by Ron Perlman…a very strange combination to say the least!

This film is a strange sort of what if movie. The premise is that the US government isn’t totally sure that they will actually be able to get the first men on the moon safely… so they have a back-up plan. A CIA operative, Kidman (Perlman), is instructed to travel to Britain in order to convince Stanley Kubrick to film a fake moon landing…just in case the real one fails. That way, as a back-up they can claim that the mission was a rousing success. To get Kubrick’s cooperation, Kidman has a briefcase filled with cash…and instructions to kill the famed director of 2001 should they need to use his footage in order to prevent the truth from being revealed. However, when Kidman arrives at the office of Kubrick’s agent to discuss the matter, the agent is out and his loser cousin Jonny (Grint) is there and Kidman mistakenly thinks Jonny is the man’s agent. As for Jonny, he at first tries to tell Kidman about the mistake but then realizes that this might be the answer to all his financial problems. After all, gangsters are already talking about emasculating him if he doesn’t pay them….immediately. And, Kidman has a briefcase filled with cash. So, Jonny decides to have one of his strange friends impersonate the director and con Kidman out of the money. However, there is much more to this story and it takes many, many strange and unpredictable turns. I challenge you to guess where the film will go next!

Directed by
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan
Release Date
15 January 2016
Martin’s Grade: B+

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While this all sounds like a comedy, and it is of sorts, I must warn you that the film is extremely violent and filled will all sorts of things your mother would not approve of…well, at least my mother! There’s quite a bit of nudity, harsh language and heads exploding galore…and the movie clearly has earned its R rating. In many ways, the film plays a lot like an early Guy Ritchie film like Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels…it’s funny but incredibly violent and not to everyone’s taste. As for me, I really dislike ‘ultra-violence’ but can, on rare occasions, allow myself to endure it if the plot is good and engaging. While I wouldn’t put it in the category of the two Ritchie films I mentioned since the story doesn’t quite fit together as well as a Ritchie film, it was enjoyable and I recommend you see it…mostly because it is incredibly unique and, at times, fun. Of course, at other times, there are heads exploding, blood flying and boobs…so think twice before you consider seeing this one.

As far as the theaters go, this film came and went almost at the same time. While it was debuted in January, it’s already on DVD and debuted on Netflix this week. I really think it’s a case where the studio just didn’t know what to do with the film or how to market it…it’s that strange. It’s definitely an acquired taste…but one I am glad I tried. With some excellent acting, a goofy script and some memorable characters, the good easily outweighed the negatives in this one.