Clever and well worth seeing

by Martin Hafer

Muffin Top: A Love Story is a wonderful film that not only stars Cathryn Michon but was directed and co-written by her as well. Considering her limited experience in the industry, it’s really an amazing film and deserves to be seen. Plus, it has an interesting take on feminism that is very unique and insightful. After all, it admits that many true feminists still want to conform to society’s expectations. Fortunately, it’s just debuted on Netflix and can be streamed through this service.

Suzanne is a 40-year-old professor of Feminist Studies and Pop Culture. The problem is that while she understands in her head that society creates ridiculous ideals for women and they should never buy into this, she still wishes she was a size 4! This is made all the worse after her jerk of a husband leaves her for a much younger woman–and Suzanne is confused. She’s beautiful but conflicted. On one hand she’d love to get liposuction and look like she’s 30 but on the other, a feminist isn’t supposed to care about things like plastic surgery…right? Watch Suzanne as she works through this and many other mid-life issues in this refreshing comedy.

Muffin Top: A Love Story
Directed by
Cathryn Michon
Cathryn Michon, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Diedrich Bader
Release Date
18 October 2014
Martin’s Grade: A

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While this film is occasionally rough and a few of the jokes fall a bit flat, my advice is to keep watching. I’ll admit that it starts slowly but really gains momentum as the picture progresses. It especially improves as a wonderful cast of supporting characters are introduced–one of the best supporting casts I have ever seen. In particular, I loved seeing Marcia Wallace (in her final film)…playing Marcia Wallace! She’s wonderful–but so are the many wonderful characters in this movie.

My only reservation is that the film is definitely for adults, as it talks rather frankly about sex. However, it also has some of the funniest sex scenes I’ve ever seen. In fact, the film left me laughing many times and it bodes well for Michon’s future in the industry. Well worth seeing and a decent date movie as well.