Is it really over for Lord Commander Jon Snow?

by Nav Qateel

Perhaps the single most shocking death of Game of Thrones occurred when the Night’s Watch Lord Commander, Jon Snow, was brutally executed at the hands of his own men, led by the treacherous Ser Alliser Thorne.

You can watch the terrible scene below if you have the stomach to relive the most popular character being killed off again. The name of Stark is very unlucky on Game of Thrones. particularly for those who are honorable. Is it any wonder the North remembers? They have a lot to remember.

I have a theory about Jon Snow’s apparent death, and how it could be a tad less permanentIt's Not Over, Jon Snow! than we first are led to think. We know the White Walkers are among the undead and capable of creating more, and we also got a taste of things to come with the reanimated Ser Gregor Clegane. Could Clegane’s reanimation partly be to prepare us for death no longer being as final as it once was? Especially if you have a very recently unemployed Lord of Light witch at hand, who’s looking for a new master to serve.

What gave it more credence for me was watching all that blood seep out from Jon’s many stab wounds, while he lay there with his eyes still open. That meant his heart was still pumping at that point, and someone skilled with blood and blood spells could very well do something about that — changing Jon’s predicament. I’ll love seeing the look on Ser Alliser’s mug if Jon does survive! Will it mean he’ll take the place of Lady Stoneheart (a character still missing the show’s adaptation)? That is very doubtful, as is having Jon becoming a mindless zombie like Ser Gregor. So, either Jon Snow is actually out of the show — which he so better not be! — or Melisandre will rush to his aid and save his life using magic or some form of blood transfusion. Or is there another possibility? Leave your own theory in the comment section below if you have a better one than I.

Jon Snow’s death scene.

Game of Thrones 5×10 – Jon Snow’s Death Scene from Nav Qateel on Vimeo.

Image Courtesy of HBO