Have you ever wanted to see classic films on the big screen once again? Well, you can…and you don’t need a time machine!

by Martin Hafer

I am a huge fan of classic Hollywood films but sometimes I just don’t want to watch an old film on TV…especially if it’s an epic film that needs that big screen. After all, there is a certain something about seeing it as it was intended…in a local movie theater. Over the years, I’ve attended some special screenings of classics such as Spartacus as well as Lawrence of Arabia…and they were marvelous. In fact, I found myself wanting more. Well fortunately you can see some of the classic films on the big screen thanks to Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events. Periodically through the year, they host special showings all across the country of various classic, near-classic or just plain old films and you might not even have realized that they probably have played in theaters near you.

Already in recent months, Fathom and TCM have presented some amazing films. At Halloween, they showed a double-feature–with both versions of the 1931 Dracula from Universal Pictures. Both, you might be thinking…yes, they made two. Back in the early days of talking pictures they hadn’t yet perfected dubbing and sometimes shot several versions of the same films so they could be marketed abroad as well. Laurel and Hardy often made films where they phonetically spoke in Italian, German, French and Spanish! And, in the case of Dracula, instead of having the original cast speak Spanish, they hired different actors for the speaking roles–filming this alternate version at night using the same sets when the English-speaking actors were home sleeping! And, I must say, that the Spanish version is awfully good. Another interesting offering is the great Brando picture, On the Waterfront–a very powerful film that still amazes audiences.

So my advice to all you classic film lovers is to check the website for the Fathom. You’ll learn about shows such as the original Planet of the Apes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Animal House and From Here to Eternity, and more at www.fathomevents.com.