Oppenheimer blows up the box office with an atomic mass of mediocrity

by Gordon Shelly

Christopher Nolan has lost his focus. With his last few movies, he is so focused on making a self-aware “great” movie that he seems to have forgotten how to make a good movie.

While impressive to look at, Tenant is an insufferable mess. I do say this after five viewings really wanting to like it, but I just can’t. He breaks his own rules constantly in the movie, the story has some interesting moments, it is an incredible visual achievement, and it is acted well. But it’s just a bad movie otherwise. Big budget, overblown, and bad.

Oppenheimer is similarly insufferable and self-aware. The movie itself is fine. It’s interesting. And it’s a visual spectacle – amazing to watch.

But really, ever since, Interstellar, Nolan seems to have an obsession with his own greatness. He is trying so hard and so aware that he seems to be bogged down in, not expectations, but simply vanity and ego.

The pieces of Oppenheimer work on an individual basis. Just like all of Nolan’s movies, the acting is great. There are some really interesting and layered story elements. The visuals, as always with Nolan, can be absolutely breathtaking. The scope is large, universally large, And, thankfully, we finally get a Nolan movie devoid of time travel (mostly – all depends on perspective)!

But with that, this movie simply has everything going for it on every level. And, it is a bore. An absolute bore, made by someone who is convinced they can only make great art (sorry, Nolan).

This movie will be raved about for all of the positive elements, but I will be curious to see where it stands in the Nolan-verse 10 years for now.

I only just saw it, I’ve forgotten most of it, and I have no desire to revisit it.

However, I might buy another ticket and go watch Barbie again.

Gordo’s Grade: C+