Rampage 3: No Mercy Kickstarter Campaign

The industriously prolific Uwe Boll has directed, written and produced over 30 movies with such stars as Ben Kingsley, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Ron Perlman.

The Rampage series nails the tone of this cynical world in which we are living in. We need your help so we can make Rampage 3: No Mercy. Although Rampage 2: Capital Punishment (2014) has been a success, it did not make enough to secure full financing for Rampage 3: No Mercy.

The new Kickstarter campaign is your way to donate directly to the film as we try to secure further funding to get Rampage 3: No Mercy, made.


Shia LaBeouf Teaser for Rampage 3

INFLUX Magazine Exclusive

We put a few questions to the man himself, Uwe Boll, about why he’s chosen to use Kickstarter and why he feels it’s important to complete the Rampage trilogy.

Why have you chosen to use Kickstarter for the final part of the Rampage trilogy?

Uwe Boll: We want to put that extra money in the big end action sequence

Are the Rampage films more personal than others that you’ve made?

Uwe Boll: Of course — I see the world the same way Bill Williamson sees it.

Rampage 1 & 2 have been successful with fans and critics alike. Did it surprise you, and what do you put the success down to?

Uwe Boll: I think that the character and his opinion — as strange as it seems — connects with the people. We all know we live in a fucked up world. In 100 years or sooner, humans will be extinct.

Did you originally concieve Rampage as a trilogy?

Uwe Boll: No, …but after part 2 I felt I needed to finish the story.

Brenden Fletcher has made Bill Williamson his own. Was it tough finding the right actor to play that sort of character?

Uwe Boll: I thought from the beginning that Brendan was perfect for the role of Bill.

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We want production values to line up fluidly with the first two entries in the series. Rampage 3 will also have much more over-the-top action than seen in the previous 2 films. Your donation will help get this project made.

A lot of you love Rampage and it’s hard-hitting content. Bill Williamson has indeed nailed the political situation which we are living under today in one form or another and NO other film but Bolls has the balls to be as political, radical and on-the-mark as Rampage.

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I promise that if you donate, you will be proud of being apart of this project. Thank you so much to those who help make this film happen from all of us here at Team Boll. We sincerely appreciate your support.

The critically acclaimed Rampage trilogy follows the disillusioned Bill Williamson, as he looks to change the world by ‘reducing’ its population of scumbags, liars, and anyone he disagrees with. He is a man of stern political beliefs, ones that he is more than willing to kill for.

In the first film, Bill went on a rampage in his hometown of Tenderville, Oregon that left 93 people dead. He disappeared soon after, leaving a video that promised he would rise again…

In Rampage: Capital Punishment, Bill took over a TV station in Washington, D.C. Using a hostage camera crew, he let the world witness the carnage. As the police tried to intervene, he detonated explosives hidden within the station, killing everyone inside.

Bill however escaped, and has been waiting, biding his time until now…

To learn about the fantastic perks and to donate to Rampage 3 : No Mercy click here: Kickstarter Donation