Norma Get Your Gun!

This being the finalé I was looking forward to a big ending and that is precisely what we got. Norman Bates has come into his own at last and season two should be far more Blochian as Norman looks to be heading into Psycho mode. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, with baited breath.

So, Norma was threatened last time, by her crazed guest, who seems to think she has his hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which she agreed to pay by midnight. Can it be she has his hidden stash? She asks Dylan to get a gun for her but he’s not keen on the idea. Norman’s teacher has something going on in her life, which was clear from the last episode but we find out a little more. She has a thing for Norman but will he respond?

Dylan and Bradley appear to be too cozy for Norman but will he do anything about it? It’s definitely a sore point with our hero but will he act on those crazy impulses of his or will Dylan get a pass? We learn some shocking facts about Norma and it goes to explaining her bizarre behavior, and perhaps Norman’s behavior as well but it doesn’t explain everything. Where’s the fun in that?

I’m unsure as to why this amazing show isn’t more popular, but by the looks of things season two will be more like the movie this is all based on. This may help kick start the show, which it shouldn’t need in the first place. The ending was perfect with the writers going for creepy, rather than a bloodfest which is more in keeping with Robert Bloch’s creation. Hitchcock may have made the movie, but Bloch made Norman Bates and now we get a brand new shiny version to enjoy, and enjoy it we have.

Highly Recommended

Score: A

Ed Blackadder