Kissed by Fire

I remember why I fell in love with this show to begin with, and while it contains so many elements that one can’t fail to find ‘something’ to enjoy, for me it was the political infighting and backbiting. It hadn’t even occurred to me it was lacking in season three … until now. Don’t get me wrong, what has been on offer has been nothing short of brilliant but I’m still chuckling away as I type this because once again we have been left to ponder how this episode has once again topped the previous one. Last episode was action packed, the one before that with Jaime left me with my jaw on the ground and this episode has done it again. The writing in the show is incredible.

It would appear that Jon Snow has a hidden talent that has made him ‘very’ popular with Ygritte and no doubt will be spoken about by the fairer sex. Although Arya Stark’s tale seems to be moving rather slowly and seemingly taking a more lateral route I have this feeling that her story will ultimately be of more importance than her brothers but maybe I have this idea because her face is all over the posters. Elementary, my dear readers. Lady Tyrrell is once again on form and to be honest I look forward to her as much as Tywin Lannister and have a strong feeling we may get to see them duke it out for the heavyweight championship. As for Littlefinger, the slimy, dirty … he’s also on form. I hate to say too much about an episode for fear of spoiling anything so I’ll leave it at that.

The finale is a beaut as we have come to expect from Ǥȧɱȼ øɉ Țhrønɵs and it’s about time we had something to laugh about. A long overdue slap on the face for someone makes the humor all the better when it comes.

Score: A

Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer