The Bear & The Maiden Fair

Jamie is such a complicated man is he not? Well by the end of this brilliant episode I was cheering him on but how can this be? I’ll tell you all this much, if a show was to come out that was solely about the Lannisters it would have about the same viewing figures as GoT, or more perhaps for this family has single-handedly made this the show the mega-success that it is. I for one have been won over by the incestuous hero, as he starts to show a side that obviously made him as popular as he was and even with an evil bitch of a sister, a maniacal snot rag of a son and a father most people wouldn’t urinate on, he shines through with unexpected gallantry and character.

Jon Snow, as we seen in the previous episode, has a rival. We’ve seen how far he’ll go, which was clearly demonstrated on the Wall but what’s he up to this time round? The Laurel and Hardy act between Bronn and Tyrion has began again in full earnest, the way it was when they first met when Bronn fought for him so gallantly (I’m not sure “gallantly” is really the word for it). Anywho, Bronn starts to hand out relationship advice but who in their right mind would listen to him?! The ‘House of Baratheon’ may be getting a new, highly-unexpected visit from a certain person of questionable parentage (it sounds better than calling Jon “bastard,” does it not?) but what are the real reasons behind this seemingly good turn from the witch?

OK, so Theon Greyjoy is this episodes biggie, and I wish this was saved for the end but still, it brings tears to my eyes. I can’t say anything about it without ruining the surprise so I won’t. What we do have is just as good but not in the big dramatic way we’ve been spoiled with, it’s Jaime’s moment to shine and shine he does. Tywin Lannister is amazing to watch and this time he hands his pathetic excuse for a Grandson his ass with much grace and subtlety. But watch the King’s face while Grandpa closes in on “His Grace.” I love the political stuff more than anything and have found a ‘real’ king of political intrigue and manipulation in Tywin. Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage have made this a show that people will hold dear for years to come. And rightly so.

Highly Recommended

Score: A+

by Ed Blackadder