Third Time Lucky – The best of the Trilogy

We yearn for escapism and entertainment, and it was for this I looked to Mr Tony Stark and the gorgeous Pepper however, I was never taken in by this Iron Man craze that the Batman and Avengers fans seem to get intoxicated over. I in no way imply that these are less than worthy big box office fare (and risk their wrath? Not likely) I merely suggest that I’m not the “lets buy the T-Shirt of the movie” type of fan. Also the first two Iron Man movies kinda fizzled out after the first viewing for me and I ‘expect’ to enjoy a film over several sittings with something new taken away from each of them. A major example for me would be Suckerpunch. I didn’t like it the first time but the two times thereafter, I grew to truly admire everything about it.

Now this is as far from an Indie as is humanly possible, with a $200 million price tag (which actually got increased from $140 because of the huge success of Avengers Assemble) and a huge array of special effects of every imaginable variety, so this was my first biggie of 2013 and I meant to enjoy it. The cast was quite interesting for an ‘Iron Man’ flick because our villains have been quite obvious up to now and they also looked like villains, This time round the line is a bit more blurred. Guy Pierce is an extremely talented actor who quite frankly was wasted in this. His role could have been played well by any number of actors but a pay day is a pay day and with a 200 mil budget I’m sure the paychecks were substantial.

Rebecca Hall was another underutilised actor who will get her big break one day, of that I’m sure and having a major film like this on a resume hurts no one. The cast were all acceptable with no real stand outs but lets be honest here, this was never a character driven movie, this was all about the explosions and CGI Iron Men battling it out and it was brilliant. I was like a big kid with my mouth open for the whole movie. It was quite a spectacle and I read some reviews after seeing it where fans were moaning about number three not being very good but it was way better than the last two in almost every way.
Because Tony Stark wasn’t the only Iron Man in the film it may have put some people off, and the fact we got to see a more vulnerable side to him perhaps seemed strange but to me, it was the missing ingredient that was lacking in IM 1+2. This is a film I can easily see myself watching several times and enjoying it more with each viewing. As far as I’m concerned it’s third time lucky.

Highly Recommended

Score: B+

Nav Qateel