Jack continues to be a dull boy in this Brit flick

Paul Tanter is not one of my favourite filmmakers, he has talent for sure but it’s been missing for quite some time now because he’s churning out far too many films at breakneck speed. It’s usually only witnessed in good old Bollywood, where a director will work on loads of movies at once so that sort of explains why their films aren’t exactly appreciated outside their intended markets. So Mr Tanter has spread himself, along with his idea’s and creativity extremely thin on the ground, because I didn’t like his last movie The Fall of the Essex Boys or the two before that. The thing is, your average director will do maybe, a film every two years and if you do the low budget affairs, not unlike this movie then they can be knocked out annually, however…nine in three years? Written AND directed? This has only one way it can go, and I’ll give you a hint. It’s not up.

Nick (Mike Jacobs) is in hiding in Spain after “grassing up” (informing on) some London gangsters and he’s now in Witness Protection with his own bar and a pregnant girlfriend, but he misses the old life. He still has contact with a police officer from the previous film but he isn’t allowed to speak to anyone else. To get the ball rolling our hero is
spotted at a footie match (soccer) by the bad guys and now the fun begins. Everything was hunky dory up to this point but out came the silly stick and it started to whack away at the story with great vigor. I’m not even going to get into it all, other than to say this.

Paul Tanter can actually make watchable films, he really can, but for some reason he’s not doing so, by either choice, or perhaps following very bad advice but this is a clear case of, too much, too soon, too bad and he’s holding himself back by going for quantity over quality. While one may pay early dividends, they also leave your films in the “3 for a tenner” shelf in some old filling station. It’s not where I’d like to see my work go but if Jack continues to be a dull boy then at least I won’t have to worry about reviewing many more of his films.

Not For Everyone

Grade: D+

by Johnny Thomas