So right and so wrong for all the right and wrong reasons.

Let’s set the record straight from the beginning: by normal filmmaking standards this is not a good film. It is a lousy, horrible, terrible, laughable film.

So let’s focus on that last word — laughable.

Sharknado is fun. Dispense with reality, blockbuster special effects, academy quality acting, accept the absurd, and you just might enjoy this movie.

The actors embrace the silliness of this movie, even as their characters approach it with the utmost serious of attitudes.The movie stars Beverly Hills 90210 veterans Ian Ziering (Fin) and Tara Reid. It also features John Heard in a fun role.

This movie does for tornadoes and sharks what Jaws did for great whites and the ocean — well, maybe not.  That is stretching the truth a little too far.  No, that’s not true either. That is a massive stretch.

If you can accept this for what it is, you will enjoy yourself and have a good time. It’s not as much a “shark” movie as it is a “creature feature.”

The shark-nature combo wreak havoc and it is up to Ziering’s Fin to make all right with the world.

If you are looking for any type of realistic explanation for the killer sharknado, then there really is no need to bother with this movie, it is not for you. However, if you can accept the world suggested by the title, then go for it, have fun.

Obviously, with the Twitter explosion during this movie’s premiere, millions of others feel the same.

Accept the power of the Sharknado.

Maybe one day soon we will get a follow up with Sharknado vs. Piranhaconda.


By Staff Writer