Has Lost been Found?

Siberia is yet another “social experiment” where contestants are out in the wilderness without toilet paper. Oh yeah, they have no food or clothing either, but nothing you see is real. It’s been filmed on location in the Siberian wilderness (yeah, right), at the famous Tunguska meteor crash site, a place where in 1908 a meteor struck the Earth, flattening miles of trees, and killing everything around. Apparently, there was a community of fur trappers living nearby, who vanished without a trace, now our 14 remaining contestants have somewhere to call home for the foreseeable future, if they live that long.

A group of 16 men and women, from every walk of life, are picked up at a London airport, then with blindfolds, are taken by helicopter to the Siberian wild. They are told they are on a new show, but their luggage is not joining them, so with only what they wear they have two miles to trek to the base. The last two to arrive will be eliminated. The first task they must complete is to find food, so they set about showing us all what they can do. The one problem they have is that there are absolutely no rules, so it’s a no-holds-barred free for all.

It’s all played by actors of course, as I can’t see NBC allowing real murders to happen on their brand new show, but you have to wonder, just how far away real life televised killings are. By the looks of the success of these types of show, it doesn’t appear too far away, but culling some of these miscreants can’t be all bad. Can it?

Grade: C

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine