A truly unique film…and that’s reason enough to see this one.

by Martin Hafer

Sky is a very unique movie and I can’t recall ever having seen anything like this…which is a major plus. So, while the plot meanders and isn’t perfect film, it more than makes up for this with originality.

The film begins with a couple from France vacationing in the town of 29 Palms, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. The husband is an obvious jerk and when he and the wife are in a bar, he drinks way too much and begins saying horrible things about his wife. Later, after they go back to their room, he tries to rape her and she beats him with a lamp to stop him. She thinks he’s dead and quickly disappears on a road trip.

Later, when she learns he’s NOT dead, she inexplicably does not return home but aimlessly drifts through much of the rest of the film. You see her in seedy hotels, hanging out in old Las Vegas and eventually taking up with a grungy guy who goes from being a one night stand to a boyfriend. It’s obvious that Romy (Diane Kruger) is lost and has decided to just take a walk on the wild side. Seeing her hanging out in honkytonk bars and in trailers is all a bit surreal considering that she’s a French-German lady.

Directed by
Fabienne Berthaud
Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus, Gilles Lellouche
Release Date
15 April 2016
Martin’s Grade: B

As I watched this French production, I just kept saying to myself “I hope folks in Europe don’t think this is like most of America!” The film presents a very seedy and low view of the country, that’s for sure! Dank hotels, ugly and violent people, rats running about…it’s certainly not what you usually see in films! This is NOT a complaint…just hoping folks don’t assume this is typical Americana.

It’s also a film that surely won’t appeal to everyone. While very original and thought-provoking, it also meanders and has many painfully quiet moments that hint at Romy’s feeling alienated and lost. If you are patient, you’ll appreciate the film…I know I reluctantly did. And, if you want to see it, the film was just released this month on Netflix here in the States.