Saving the world….$17 or $40 at a time!

by Martin Hafer

Spaghettiman was a welcome relief tonight. All day, I watched films that turned out to be incredibly serious and incredibly depressing. What a wonderful change of pace to find a film as original, funny and deliberately stupid as this one! Because it’s so stupid…and weird, it’s my next installment in my “You ain’t seen nothing’ yet” series…films so odd, so unique and so demented that you just have to see them…or not. But I suggest you see this one.

Clark (Ben Crutcher) is a complete loser. He is about the worst possible employee and loses job after job–including one as a pizza deliveryman because he was delivering pizzas half eaten! His one friend Dale (Winston Carter) puts up with this and even give him rent money…and you really have to feel sorry for poor Dale. One night, Clark falls asleep while a bowl of spaghetti is heating up in the microwave. When he awakens four days later, he finds that he has a new amazing super power…he can shoot spaghetti out of his hands! And, oddly, he also bleeds and urinates spaghetti. While it’s not much of a super power, Clark’s ambitions aren’t all that lofty either.

Directed by
Mark Potts
Ben Crutcher, Winston Carter, Brand Rackley
Release Date
24 September 2016
Martin’s Grade: B+

Instead of trying to rid the Earth of evil like a typical hero, Clark is pragmatic and when faced with evil, he expects the folks he saves to pay. Otherwise, he just minds his own business! After all, he sure ain’t doing it for free! So, while wearing an old paper bag over his head as a disguise, he collects $40 here, $17 there and he’s finally able to pay his rent. But when he meets a videographer, he realizes he is able to hit real paydirt and might even be able to save a few dollars! But Spaghettiman’s dreams of financial solvency appear to be dashed when a motley crew of villains arrive to put an end of his reign of semi-goodness…and extortion!

While no one would call this a great film, director Mark Potts as well as writers/actors Winston Carter and Ben Crutcher have created an utterly ridiculous winner. Sure, it’s low budget, sure it’s silly as well as a bit uneven. But, it’s funny and made me smile…and I think it will make you smile provided you don’t expect great production values or a plot that makes much sense! And, at the end of the film you learn that they are planning on making another Spaghettiman film! And who knows…if the film takes off and makes money…perhaps we’ll see Stan Lee in a cameo in the sequel!!