Another unexpectedly decent movie from Mr Uwe Boll. This is getting to become a habit!

by Ed Blackadder

Ever since Uwe Boll started making mainstream movies, he’s had a reputation for churning out rather less than great films, but recently he’s been producing very watchable, and enjoyable affairs, with the last two in particular pretty good for low-budget flicks. Suddenly, brings back the sexy Erin Karpluk, with Dominic Purcell, both from Boll’s last movie Assault on Wall Street, but on opposing sides this time, play different, yet similar characters. Assault saw Purcell play a man pushed over the edge thanks to the recession and an ineffectual US government. Suddenly has him play a man pushed over the edge because of an ineffectual president, but the similarity ends there. Penned by Raul Inglis, Boll demonstrates better pacing and style than ever before, and manages to keep the viewer interested the entire film. His last, had too slow a middle act, but here managed it comparatively well.

Directed by
Uwe Boll
Ray Liotta, Cole Coker, Dominic Purcell, Erin Karpluk and Tyron Leitso
Release Date
8 August 2013
Ed’s Grade: C+

Deputy Todd (Ray Liotta) is a drunken washed-out war veteran, who is barely hanging on to his job in small-town USA. After his buddy is killed in action, Todd has tried to help his dead friends young wayward son Pidge, and the boy’s lovely mother, Ellen. He’s fond of Ellen and makes it known that he’s interested, but Ellen hasn’t gotten over her husband’s death just yet. Pidge has a vivid imagination and has been known to cry-wolf in the past, so when things do start to happen, his warnings of “secret government agents” and “presidential assassination” fall on deaf ears, and nobody will believe him.

Three men, posing as the Secret Service, take over Ellen’s house because it looks over the town and has a perfect line-of-fire for their high-powered sniper rifles. The President is passing through, and plans to stop for the usual photo-op with the mayor of the town. Todd is walking around unarmed after the sheriff takes his gun away for hitting someone, and with Ellen and Pidge stuck in the basement of their home, he must try to stop the men killing the commander in chief.

I would say this is the best I’ve seen from Uwe Boll and even with continuity, editing and writing problems (not too many), this was still a solid little movie, and most certainly very watchable. I like Goodfellas star Ray Liotta, but feel his use wasn’t needed for the Todd character, but if you want a well known actor in your movie, then why not have him. Liotta was good, as were all the actors really, but master Cole Coker, Tyron Leitso and Erin Karpluk were definitely the better of the bunch.