Matt Reeves’ Blockbuster is a Wayne-derful Reimagining of Caped Crusader that Deserves to be Seen in Theaters for Celebrating Cat Always in League-of-Shadows rather than battling Scarecrows with Bat.

by Hassan Ilahi

Catwoman beauties seldom battle serial-killers in Chinatown without Taxi-Driver taking Social-Network headline stories. If Cannibalist serial-killers wishing “could-chat-longer-but-are-consuming-old-friends-for-dinner” were requested Batman’s downside, treating Catwoman as lambs silence in slaughter Foster fear female police-officers. For instance, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises enacted curiosity killed cat permission-to-die by hero stand-on-ceremony sky. As sad as Travis Bickle, Batman’s rationalize “Are-You-Talking-to-Me?” confession as Taxi-Driver opposing child prostitution cleaning corruption. Bruce’s blamed Pitt-iful polices lose hope in world neither “fine-places-and-worth-fighting-for” following presents Se7en sins serial-killers. After parents’ demises in Chinatown alleyway, Batman resignfully learned facts “forget-it-Jake. It’s-Chinatown” no preventing Ma-Nicholson serial-killers getting away. “Greatest-trick-devil-ever-pulled” telling Gordon police-officers Bat-suit doesn’t need Usual-Suspects investigations. However, Batman’s tendency refusing rescuing Girl-with-the-Dragon-Tattoo from sex-abuse result Salander-ous catnip bad news. Like Blade-Runner treating women robot without brain, hero “lost-in-time-like-tear-in-rain”. Batman must accept flab-Zuckerberg-asting lesson: “You-don’t-get-500-Million-friends-without-enemy” in Social-Network. In Scorsese-ching debate regarding whether comic-book worth-the-wait, hero fate’s dire state.

Now, Batman returns solving Riddles suggesting rewarding Dawes-truck beauties treated Wayne-ing Manors rescues Affleck-ted vigilante imprisoned bane-of-existence destiny determined two-faced companies in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Bold, gritty and provocative, it commemorates Cat in Bat’s League-of-Shadows tipping hat. With spectacle, Reeves allows women tending Black-Widow injuries without Bo-Thor-some Avengeful authorities Hawkeyes. Boasting Nolan-esque production-values, Scorsese-an storytelling and Ma-Nicholson performances, it’s fan-Bat-astic reinterpretation. Although The Batman’s Wayne-derful, it’s far-from-purrfect. It’s overlong, deteriorating Batmobile gasoline steam. Nevertheless, it offers crowd-pleasing comic-book entertainment.

Amidst Gotham City, The Batman chronicles superhero’s journey solving murder mysteries pursuing serial-killers killing sprees. Robert Pattinson embodies Bruce Wayne/Batman, pessimistic billionaire moonlighting masked vigilantes without hope. However, Bruce’s downtrodden perspectives change following encountering Fur-midable burglar Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz). Alongside Catwoman, Batman resolves Riddles. Facing nationwide catastrophes, Batman questions saviors-of-humanity worthiness.

Matt Reeves’ commonly thrown batarangs world-famous franchises dominated masculine apes conspiring escapes from humanity wearing capes. Following 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes virus-spreading acknowledgements, Reeves’ transformed phenomenal filmmaker. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes showcased aptitudes modernizing age-old animals franchise. With The Batman, however Reeves Gordons Batmobiles. It’s filmmaker’s endeavors recontextualizing Caped Crusader from feminism point-of-view without misogynistic behaviors, but succeeds. Using spellbinding cinematography, Reeves immerses viewers into vigilante’s journey solving Riddling murder mysteries. Emulating David Fincher’s Se7en, Reeves expertly utilizes rainy weather symbolizing Pitt-iful detectives downcast worldview discovering city’s neither “fine-places-and-worth-fighting-for”. Like sleuths apprehensive opening serial-killers boxes where sun infrequently Somersets, Batman resolves Riddles amid rain. Challenges of shooting rainy weather’s low visibility making it impossible deciphering who’s-fighting-who with certainties, but works Wayne-derfully. Oswalds removed Gotham series, Reeves demonstrates menacing city’s Falcone adversaries. Accompanied Greg Fraiser, Reeves recontextualizes comic-books constructing big-screen.

If masked vigilantes’ crime-Riddled cities don’t magnetize attentions, however, there’s innumerable reasons seeing The Batman. Reeves succeeds constructing female-gazes action celebrating Catwoman’s fighting over sexualization. If Tim Burton’s cat-astrophic Batman Returns objectified burgular’s purrfect figures with Pfeif-formidable prostitutions favors, Reeves avoids male-gaze. Assisted stunt-coordinator Robert Alonzo, Reeves constructs engrossing action showcasing Catwoman’s Fur-midable assassin capabilities through female-gazes. Exemplars, female-gaze’s successfully employed empower Catwoman during club-fight scene. During unforgettable scene, Batman voyeuristically spies upon gangsters through Catwoman’s perspectives. One acknowledges female-gazes stunts showcasing Catwoman’s detective abilities Salander-ous styles emulating David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Recalling Lisbeth Salander’s authority over Mikael Blomkvist, stunts exhibit Catwoman’s powers. Moreover, Michael Giacchino’s score’s dazzling. Emulating Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Nirvana music signifies Smells-Like-Teen-Spirit trauma. Through stellar sets, Reeves honors Cat.

Another extraordinary The Batman component’s screenplay. Reeves’ prestigious screenwriting strength capturing masked vigilante’s misogynistic point-of-view utilizing voice-over narrations. In male-dominated franchise, Batman’s commonly treated women sexualized object without voice-over rationalization. Case-in-point-exemplar, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins personified Dawes-struck beauties League-of-Shadows rather than toe-to-toes alongside superhero battling Scarecrow. Fortunately, however, The Batman circumvents complication. Reeves wisely avoids franchises past mistakes treating women. Evoking Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, Reeves cleverly uses voice-over narrations rationalizations behind Batman’s f-Bickle misogynistic mistreatments. Recalling Travis Bickle’s “Are-You-Talking-to-Me?” monologues explaining opposition against Foster-ing prostitution, Bruce’s pessimist narration offers mental-health complication sympathy. Through enlightening monologues, Reeves demonstrates psychology behind superhero misogyny. For superhero frequently League-of-own preferring working alone toward Aqua-intance among Wonder-ful heroine, it step-out-of-comfort-zone. Whereas Todd Phillips’ Joker glamorized gun-violence committed Joaquin-tessential psychopath, Reeves acknowledge “guy-dressing-up-as-bat-undoubtedly-has-issues”. Voice-over narration’s tricky using in comic-book capers. Narration seems suited towards murder mysteries highlighting Spacey thieves (ex. Bryan Singer’s The Usual Suspects). However, it works marvelously. Reeves does hero league-of-own justice.

One praises Wayne-derful performances.

Robert Pattinson delivers character-defining Batman performance. Pattinson achieved acknowledgements sinking teeths into s-Cullen Young-Adults adaptations vampires (ex. Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight). With The Batman, however, he Gordons Bat-suit. It’s difficult playing heroes in Affleck-ted actors’ unb-Keaton-able shadows. However, Pattinson thrives. Evoking Jack Nicholson in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, Pattinson builds pessimistic detective barely holding hopes in corrupt city where Ma-Nicholson criminal Dunaway without injuries. Through spellbinding expression, he captures angst, loneliness and vengeances of vigilante cleansing corruptions criminalized city. It’s fan-Bat-astic performance celebrating hero.

Zoe Kravitz’s fantastic as Fur-midable burgular Foster-ing fearful c-Hannibal-istic serial-killers diagnosing women lambs silenced into slaughter. Emulating Jodie Foster in Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs, Kravitz builds strong female detective whose skill solving murder underappreciated serial-killer. If previous incarnation exposed Catwoman’s Berry-naked body pushing Hathaway personality, Kravitz employs heroic gesture. Whether caressing Batman’s face or clawing gangster, Kravitz captures Selina Kyle’s dilemma gestures over sexuality. It’s Purrfect performance celebrating heroine.

Concluding standout’s Paul Dano. Memorializing David Fincher’s Zodiac historically-accurate-killer, Dano demonstrate menace.

Finally, The Batman carves flab-Zuckerberg-asting smiles everyone’s Social-Network faces regardless whether stopped browsing Facebook pages. Networking David Fincher’s The Social Network, movie’s all-encompassing theme resonate everyone social-networking time-periods. Reeves encompasses capitalism, loneliness and social-networking resonating audiences. For instance, Riddler’s social-networkings draws similarities Donald Trump’s Twitter. Consequently, Bat-suits tailor-made everyone.

Despite socializing appeal, however, The Batman creates bo-Thor-some backstories not completely Iron-ing deep into vigilante’s Hitchockian psyche as Avengers whose journeys achieved Endgame finality in Stark-ly superior blockbusters. Reeves’ decisions condensing 3 hours bold and innovative, but doesn’t entirely work. Accompanied Michael Giacchino’s heart-pounding soundtrack, Reeves keeps blockbuster enhancing entertaining paces beginnings. However, culminating Riddling finale, it loses momentum testing viewer patience. Extended running-time appears suited toward heroes whose life-journeys accomplished Endgames conclusions (Russo Brothers’ Avengers: Endgame). Consequently, blockbuster falters.

Nevertheless, comic-bookies recognize The Batman and so will moviegoers seeking escapism. A fan-Bat-astic feminism blockbuster, it demonstrates Pfeiffer-midable Catwomen deserve bat-tling Scare-crows. If Batman’s destiny lies in Dent-ed coin of Two-Face politicians demonstrating “you-either-die-a-hero-or-live-long-enough-to-see-yourself-become-villain”, he’d advise Warner Bros. carving smiles on “Why-so-Serious?” faces reward superhero “world-deserves-but-not-one-it-needs” under Usual-Suspects suspicion Foster-ing fearful female police-officers into The-Silence-of-the-Lambs despite LA.-Confidential cop recruited The-Girl-with-Dragon-Tatoo demonstrating Chinatown birthplace infrequently “fine-place-and-worth-fighting-for” transform vigilante unqualified breaking Fight-Club rules rescuing Gone-Girl hostage Zodiac psychopath masterminding Se7en deadly sins whose Memories-of-Murder on Shutter-Island puzzle detective depending upon Memento photo-album remembering Vertigo-inducing parties gatecrashed Clown-Prince-of-Crime enemy behind bars telling innumerable scar injury story Pacino-fist police experiencing Heat following Warm Bodies disposed Mystic-River sewer ruled Baneful enemy refuse “stand-on-ceremony” No-Country-for-Old-Men deserving “better-class-of-criminal” than “some-men-watching-world-burn” neglecting Dawn-of-Justice liabilities paid by Stark-ly avengeful billionaire moonlighting Taxi-Driver experience bankruptcies waging Infinity War against Social-Network companies dominated Scorsese-ing founders believe “comicbook-film-aren’t-Cinema-but-theme-park-ride” viewed more threat than Thanos-ey adversaries destroying humanity through snapping fingers by fan-communities.

Hassan’s Grade: A