Fans of the Jennifer Lopez thriller Enough will find a similar attraction with The Boy Next Door.

by Kasey Green

Hang on to your popcorn Lopez fans — this is a wild ride! The Boy Next Door gives the audience the same intensity that Jennifer Lopez’ prior action-packed movie Enough provided. The modern thriller offered a mix between terror and obsession.

The Boy Next Door
Directed by
Rob Cohen
Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Kristin Chenoweth
Release Date
23 January 2015
Kasey’s Grade: A-

Claire (Jennifer Lopez) is a loving mother who is currently going through a divorce from her unfaithful husband (John Corbett). As a result, she is trying to adjust to life as a single mother while managing her career as an educator. When her son starts a friendship with the new neighbor, she begins to take interest in him.

The new neighbor Noah (Ryan Guzman) woos Claire by gifting her with one of her favorite pieces of literature. Once he gets Claire to trust him, he lures her to his home and seduces her. After a night of passion, Claire realizes her mistake and immediately feels guilty.

This upsets Noah who quickly becomes obsessed.
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The Boy Next Door shows movie enthusiasts that Jennifer Lopez is a versatile actress that can play in various roles. The film also gave the audience a thrill ride that keeps viewers intrigued the whole time. The film is definitely recommended for fans of the genre and of Lopez.

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