Sonya, my new favourite character

I’m really getting into The Bridge now, and it appears to be finding its footing, as far as the story-telling goes. I watched The Killing, but this has more appealing characters. Sonya is a refreshing change, and a nice approach to take. The last time I witnessed a character like this was, believe it or not, Star Trek TNG‘s Data, where he too needed guidance in how lifes little nuances were needed for day-to-day interactions with people. The sex scene from episode 2 was a classic, as she didn’t have a clue (as usual) on bedroom etiquette, but she did all the things that men usually are expected to do after sex (in movies, I hasten to add). The only thing missing was a loud fart and the obligatory testicle scratch.

The Bridge
Created by
Elwood Reid and Meredith Stiehm
Demian Bichir, Diane Kruger and Annabeth Gish
Release Date
24 July, 2013
Influx Episode Grade: A

After we saw the group drinking water they found next to a skulled Madonna statue, the group are all dead, but one. She made it to the roadside. Marco and Sonya, along with the Lieutenant, are studying the crime scene, where they realise one of them has survived. They make the monumental leap to having her get into a car, after making it to the roadside (I didn’t buy how they conclude this before seeing anything that would lead to this assumption), and now the hunt is on. We see the survivor in a car, feverish because of exposure, but now in the hands of someone unseen. Sonya and Marco also realise that the killer was watching the poisoned group, to see that they all died, which of course, they didn’t.

Charlotte is having problems with her stepdaughter, and also with the local woman of means. She wants to join in the activities of the philanthropic, but she gets snubbed by them. Sonya and Marco find a trailer, where there is evidence of womens clothes being burned, but is this their guy? Frye, the reporter, has been called in for a chat by Hank. The Lieutenant wants the, now high on cocaine Frye, to tell him why he thinks the killer has chosen him, but Frye claims he doesn’t know. Hank tells him to let them know whenever the killer gets in touch, and for doing so, will get tips on anything juicy, but to start him off, gives him info about the survivor who was picked up. He tells him to go investigate the Juarez lead. Frye has an interesting time in Juarez.

Charlotte goes to the station, where she speaks to Marco about her husband. Later on, Marco goes to her house to get Charlotte to sign a statement, that should clear him of any bribery charges that may come about, now that Sonya’s complaint has come through. Marco has just found out he’s about to be a father, and doesn’t appear to know how to feel about things. Going to Charlotte’s wasn’t a good idea, as both need some companionship, and find it in each other. Marco’s wife and son get to meet Sonya, with much the effect you’d expect, like she being jealous, and his son drooling over the blond detective. Marco and Sonya must try to locate the missing survivor, but when she does turn up, it isn’t what they wanted.

This was a very good episode, with some great levity, thanks to Sonya. It’ll be interesting to see her try to cope with a guy who clearly likes her, and in a way, you can see his attraction (I can, at least), to a woman who knows her own mind, but is very honest in her outlook. Very refreshing.

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine

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