The Beast

This episode was definitely a good one, but once again isn’t fully exploiting the huge amount of directions it could go in. Sonya is her non-thinking self, as she gets Marco into some serious trouble with his wife, and the cause of the problem, Charlotte, tells Marco about her horse being strung up. Sonya (watch the Diane Kruger interview, to the right of this review, as she discusses her character having Aspergers) gets a chance to talk to the killer, after Marco “borrows” a phone from Frye. The woman who was rescued last episode, is now recovering in hospital but she’s saying nothing until she is promised asylum.

A man is being tortured for information about Calaca, by the mean looking Mexican gangster (who I can’t find the name for). The gangster asks one of his underlings what a serial killer is (as he’s reading about the killer in a local newspaper), and after it’s explained to him, he tells the underling he can’t be one, because he doesn’t take pleasure from killing all his victims.

The Bridge
Created by
Elwood Reid and Meredith Stiehm
Demian Bichir, Diane Kruger and Annabeth Gish
Release Date
7 August, 2013
Influx Episode Grade: A

Marco is sitting down to dinner with his family, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonya, wanting to discuss the case, but Marco insists she come in and eat something with the family. Sonya then tells Marco’s wife, Alma, she isn’t eating her food as it doesn’t taste nice, but she makes matters even worse by handing Marco his dropped wallet, explaining to the family it was found in Charlotte’s house. Needless to say, Marco is not sleeping at home for now, after Alma confronts him about it.

Lindel ends up having to defend himself against Hector, and eventually overpowers him with a hot iron, and beats Hector to death with it. Marco goes to see Frye, and creates a distraction so he can “borrow” his cell. Marco then gives the phone to Sonya, who eventually gets a call from the killer. We meet a young girl, Gina Meadows, who has just been bailed out of the police station by her dad, who she rarely sees anymore since he left her mom. He offers to drive her home but she tells him she’ll walk. Gina goes over the border to Mexico, where she is almost kidnapped, but thanks to another girl, gets away. The pair go past a cemetery, where the Mexican girl points to eight grave markers, explaining they are all victims of The Beast. The final scene involves Gina.

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine

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