Utterly ridiculous! What’s not to like?

by Martin Hafer

I have previously reviewed a couple of films by Minoru Kawasaki and found both of them to be completely bizarre, as well as worthy additions to my ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ series of reviews of strange films. Executive Koala is a strange murder mystery starring a guy dressed up in a koala costume. Rug Cop is a hilarious film where a weirdo group of hero cops and a smart toupee, fight evil! Here in Calamari Wrestler, Kawasaki has crafted yet another ultra-strange film … a film about a professional wrestler somehow reincarnated as a giant squid!

We open as Taguchi has just been crowned the king of Japanese wrestling. However, as he raised his new championship belt to the heavens, it’s snatched away by a six-foot tall squid! And then the squid proceeds to beat the crap out of the champ. No, this is not a cartoon…the filmmaker has a guy in tights wearing a squid costume! Well, it only gets weirder from here.

At first, Calamari Wrestler has a hard time getting a re-match with Taguchi. After all, the big shots in charge of wrestling don’t want the invertebrate to be a hero and will only arrange a match if Calamari agrees to throw the fight! Undaunted, he goes on a campaign to win the love of the Japanese public and soon the fans are demanding the fight takes place…and Calamari be allowed to try his best to win. However, when the big match is just about to begin, a huge surprise takes place….Taguchi has learned how to transform himself into a giant fighting octopus! Who will win this battle of the titans? And, what other incredibly strange surprises are in store for the audience when they see this film?

This film is very enjoyable because it never takes itself seriously and is great for a laugh. It certainly ain’t sophisticated entertainment, but it IS entertaining and fun. Quality-wise, I still prefer Rug Cop, but Calamari Wrestler is still one delightfully strange film and a worthy addition to Kawasaki’s list of bizarro films! Calamari Wrestler can be found on YouTube.