Much more than a Ferrell/Galifianakis vehicle…

This is much more than a simple vehicle for Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis (I actually think that both of these comedian/writer/actors are way more talented than most in show business), and thanks to the writing trio McKay, Henchy and Harwell helped make this a well made comedy that’s obviously been tailor-made for the two stars, and they deliver excellent performances which inevitably translated well on screen. This highly successful trio of writers, along with Will and Zach (including the regular actors who usually work with the team) have a cash cow that, as long as the standard remains this high, will provide work for all involved, because, let’s face it, the film’s are solid adult entertainment and very, very, amusing.

I may not be from the US but I watch enough TV to have a rudimentary knowledge of US politics, allowing me to be appreciative of the gags. You know, I had the chance to watch The Campaign when it first came out but I didn’t bother because I didn’t think I’d get the jokes, but of course, I did, and anyone into political comedy and satire should easily manage the humor. Will and Zach have both had misfires but on the whole have highly successful careers and rightly so. This movie was excellent on so many levels but the main one for me was the writing, lets face it, a comedy would be no where if not for the script, but it was written extremely well. I laughed all through it and some of the gags in this were so ,so funny. The last time I laughed so much and so often was 21 Jump Street, so if you liked that then you’ll love this, oh yes, watch out for the supporting actors.

The Campaign was very funny and really well acted by both comedians, and seeing Zach pull off an effeminate character so convincingly was easily one of his finest pieces of work to date. With a solid supporting cast and intelligent writing, The Campaign is a must-see comedy.

Highly Recommended

Score: B+

Review by Ed Blackadder