The Cobblestone Corridor now a TV Series

by Nav Qateel

Erik C. Bloomquist’s highly-successful short film The Cobblestone Corridor (Review) will soon be on your screens as a new TV series of the same name.

With a school setting, The Cobblestone Corridor takes us on a journey as we follow Allan Archer (played by show creator Erik C. Bloomquist) as he hunts for the truth to an old mystery that’s been brought to his attention. More details below.

We’ll have a review of The Cobblestone Corridor pilot shortly so watch this space.

The Cobblestone Corridor pilot will air on 16 October 7.30pm on CPTV

Genre: Mystery/Drama/Comedy

Short Synopsis: At Alfred Pierce Preparatory School, secrets hide in every corridor. When a school prank goes awry, Allan Archer and the staff of The Pierce Gazette find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue far more treacherous than their regular headlines.

TCC long

Long Synopsis: In The Cobblestone Corridor, the classic film noir cityscape takes the form of a posh New England preparatory school. There, a group of intelligent and diverse student newspaper staffers investigate Alfred Pierce Preparatory School’s most exciting and forbidden mysteries. With quick wit, deeply rooted integrity, and a dose of nostalgia, The Cobblestone Corridor explores the definitions of truth, progress and tradition.

TCC long2