‘The Divine Order’ (2017) is worth consideration

by Martin Hafer

Appropriately inspiring…but also well made and very engaging.

I assume that the characters in The Divine Order are not based on real people, as the filmmakers surely would have indicated this was the case. However, it doesn’t matter too much, as the story is based on women’s push for suffrage in Switzerland…the last of the industrialized nations to grant this freedom.

The film is set in a small town in Switzerland in 1971. Women’s rights are pretty much unknown to this part of the world and folks just seem to accept that it’s God’s plan for men to be in charge. However, slowly two women manage to convince the rest of the ladies in town that their cause is just…but they really need to convince the men since they are the ones who need to vote in favor of this. And, somehow, the message needs to go beyond their sleepy little village in order for the ladies to obtain the right to vote.

While this story could have come off as angry or anti-male, it’s really not. It’s much more about just giving women an even break.. and consideration. It also accentuates how beneficial this could be for the men… without being preachy. Well worth seeing and very well written, acted and directed. And, fortunately, it’s coming to Netflix on March 18th… so consider giving this film a chance.

Martin’s Grade: A