Is this the picture that will re-start Adam Sandler’s sagging career? Nope.

by Martin Hafer

I don’t think Influx allows or encourages single word reviews, but a big, resounding ‘no’ is what I have to say about this film. No, it’s not very good and no, it’s not going to revive the career of Adam Sandler. It’s a shame, as I have enjoyed several of Sandler’s films and even gave a favorable review to his recent odd film, The Cobbler. But unfortunately, again and again, The Do-Over simply is disappointing.

The story idea isn’t bad and could have worked. When two high school friends meet at a reunion, one of them hatches up a plan without telling his old friend….he’s planning on faking their deaths and assuming the lives to two other guys. Who are these other guys and what sort of lives did these dead men lead? Max (Sandler) isn’t sure but he knows it’s gotta be better than their current lives…though Charlie (David Spade) isn’t so sure. What follows is a film very much like a re-working of a very funny film, Date the two idiots nearly get killed again and again because apparently the dead guys they are impersonating were dead because many people wanted them dead…permanently.

The Do-Over
Directed by
Steven Brill
Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton
Release Date
27 May 2016
Martin’s Grade: D+

So why doesn’t this film work out? Much of it is the writing. Again and again, the dialog and jokes seem to follow the mantra “when in doubt, go for the cheap, crude laugh. Additionally, the film isn’t all that satisfying because it’s also an action flick…and neither Sandler nor Spade seem suited for such roles. I could say more but the bottom line is that by the time the film ended, I’d long lost interest in the picture and I would assume this would be the case with most viewers. If you still are interested, this direct to Netflix picture is available now through their streaming service.