The Easy Target

Often times, when acts of violence occur, people are quick to blame the media once again, crying that movies and video games inspired the violence.

Apparently, some people would have us believe that nobody had sex prior to the existence of electronic media. Moreover, humans only started acting violently about the same time they started having sex.

Prior to sex and violence, humans coexisted with nature in perfect harmony — which is true, because prior to sex and violence, humans did not exist — nothing in the animal kingdom existed.

It must have been the media that drove the Roman Emperor Caligula to hold the infamous suarees that helped to spread syphilis and aided in the moral decline of the Roman empire.

Maybe old Caligula watch a little too much cable. Genghis Kahn and his generals ruthlessly slaughtered armies and pillaged cities in the 13th century. Apparently they played too much “Doom.” Aristotle had a passion for boys. Henry the VIII executed multiple wives — Both probably resulted from John Woo films or Judas Priest albums.

There seems to be a vocal few — on the right, on the left, in the middle, somewhere — that believe humanity does not have a violent history.

In the minds of those few, there were no wars. There was no holocaust. The west was not won. Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy were fictional characters created by the media.

There also seem to be a vocal few that would apparently like to believe that humans are not sexual creatures — procreation does not take a partner. Viagra is not the top selling drug of the 21st century and people would not have sex if they were not required to for reproduction.

Anyway, back to the issue of blame. If the media isn’t to blame then who is? After all, shouldn’t someone pay?

Maybe parents are to blame. Maybe unruly kids are to blame. Maybe the teacher is to blame. Maybe food should be blamed. Blame all the different foods that look like living things.

How many kids have ripped the heads of gummy bears, eaten little cookie elves, or gnawed into animal crackers? Children are being taught to consume all living things. Or, Maybe it’s just everybody’s fault.

Maybe one day we can reach a higher plane of existence where violence ceases to exist. Who knows, maybe sex can be brought to the point of extinction, too — with procreation taking place in laboratories.

Or, maybe not, so let’s just blame the media. Heck, blame Canada

-Brian Barsuglia

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