The Sony Hack Scandal of 2014 is probably the single greatest event that could have happened to The Interview. 

Prior to the hack, all indications were that The Interview was going to be met with mediocre to sub-par reviews and a moderately satisfactory to sub-standard box office performance.

And, frankly, based on the trailer, The Interview looked like it would be okay at its very best.  I had no interest in seeing it, and still, I have no interest in seeing it, but damn, I want to support it!

Prior to this, there may have been diehard James Franco and Seth Rogen fans who may have pushed the film to a financially successfully release, but now, it is likely to be a blockbuster whenever and however it is released.

Sony ought to make it available as soon as possible via VOD outlets because now it is not just in the forefront of the minds of Franco/Rogen fans but, literally, the world.

If used correctly, the hack and the various threats could be used as the greatest possible marketing tool for The Interview.   Unless, of course, Sony lets too much time pass and we all forget about it. If they release it right nowthis week, immediately, I will support the movie and I’ll bet everyone I hear talking about it would pay $9.99 to watch The Interview tonight on pay-per-view.   I would.

However, let the time pass, let the days go by, let the weeks turn into months, and I’ll wait for it to make an appearance on HBO or Netflix and that’s about it.

The Interview could be used to unite forces of good against those of evil doers and bring democracy and freedom to — well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  But let’s not give in either.

Sony: Strike now! Release The Interview tonight! Let me pay $9.99 for a movie I probably won’t even watch. Let me rebel against tyranny.

And, really, it’s a surprise that North Korea would be upset by this film but not have any outrage for Team America: World Police or the remake of Red Dawn! I don’t think Rogen and Franco could possibly make North Korea look worse than Parker and Stone did in Team America: World Police!

UPDATED DECEMBER 16: Sony must’ve listened to us! The Interview is now available online.  Ready our review of The Interview!

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by Brian Barsuglia