The Mandalorian may have run its course with Season 3

by Gordon Shelly

For many years I have made the argument that most episodic shows lose their energy after three years and most should end after five years.

The Walking Dead completely lost me after season three. I never watched another episode again. Sons of Anarchy had its best storyline in its third season, and Breaking Bad came into its own as one of the greats during that time.

While Disney shows no signs of slowing down any element or iteration of the Star Wars universe cash cow, Season 3 of The Mandalorian suggests, maybe it’s time for Mando to take a break.

Season 3 feels like a video game stuck on side quests failing to let the player find their way back to the main story.

Much like The Book of Boba Fett, this season of The Mandalorian feels pointless and meandering. Or, maybe, I’m just not interested anymore.

The show takes a giant leap of faith, showing Mando with Grogu (Baby Yoda) without any real explanation, just an assumption that the fanbase stuck with The Book of Boba Fett to see why and how Mando and Grogu were reunited. That’s a pretty big expectation.

And, also like Boba FettThe Mandalorian has become more interesting when it’s about another character.

Boba Fett barely kept my attention until it became about The Mandalorian. Likewise, I am barely interested in what Mando is up to in his own show. Bo-Katan has really become the central character, and it’s not a story that’s all that ineteresting.

There is some redemption in the return of Mof Gideon. And really, rather than watching any more of Mando, I’d rather see the rise of Mof Gideon and the First Order moving forward.

Gordo’s Grade: C+