The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is an upcoming 2013 action/fantasy/romance genre film, based on the first book of ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series, written by the renowned novelist, Cassandra Clare (Cassie).

What’s it all about?

‘Brooklyn teenager Clary Fray (Lily Collins-Priest) accompanies her best friend, Simon Lewis (Robert Sheehan) to a nightclub, and witness a brutal murder by a group of tattooed strangers, but, soon she realizes nobody but she can actually see that crime scene. Upon returning home, Clary discovers some distressing signs of a break-in, and also her mother, Jocelyn (Lena Headey-The Purge) has been abducted. With Jocelyn missing, one of the tattooed killers find Clary, as he is mystified how Clary is able to see him and the rest in his group. His name is Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower, The Anonymous) who is one of the shadowhunters (a special warrior assigned to eradicate demons that walk on earth) Jace believes that Clary is in grave danger and promises to help her to connect the dots behind the anomalies. However, it isn’t long ’till Clary uncovers a something substantial about herself which Jocelyn has been hiding, a secret kept from her all this while. Soon this whole new ‘shadowhunters’ world Clary’s about to transcend, will change her life forever…’

The Movie Director on Wheel!

First we got Scott Charles Stewart (Priest, Dark Skies) to direct the City of Bones but then it switched to Harald Zwart. In spite with evasive reason behind the switch, it doesn’t really matter to me of who’s – who driving the wheel, the second I explored the trailer, I got a feeling that this film won’t be crashing down to the disastrous slope. What has been relayed on the trailer actually reflected almost anything closer to my imaginations, the visual effect of NY at sunset, the atmospheric hues, costume design and make-up, action sequences and particularly that nightclub scene when Jace/Clary’s first met.
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Prelude on Casting.

Originally, it took juggernaut Pettyfer’s fandom, has given the British heartthrob straight pass on the offer of the Jace role. But Pettyfer eventually turned it down instead, for a greater bid. With the role left vacant, it escalated into a fierce competition from a couple of young stars, gunning for it. Alexander Ludwig, Ed Speleers, Xavier Samuel, Nico Tortorella, Max Irons, Douglas Booth, and Benjamin Stone have undergone the audition; but all of them lost to Jamie Campbell Bower.

Although there were numerous characters of TMI to talk about, I would highlight mostly the formerly obscure young Brit actor, Jamie Campbell Bower. I’d actually been there when the official news of Jamie being cast as Jace broke out, there were blasts of drama going on (trust me, that poor dude got panned ‘extra crispy’, for a period at least..) Me? At first I was a bit skeptical, but after exploring his acting chops in Sweeney Todd, staring opposite Johnny Depp, I decided to give him a shot (hell yeah, at least I can see his extra load on work-outs really paid off! It is worth the shot, right? Just look at his sexy abs, biceps & coolest runes)

And the bottom line,

I get this sort-of whimsical feeling about this guy, I don’t know — there is something about him that separates him from the rest that auditioned. It was the underlying dark side of his soul despite his otherwise cheery face when off-screen. This ‘dark soul’ of Jamie is more enigmatic, mysterious and fierce. I guess people won’t have to wait that long to see how true it is as The Mortal Instrument, City of Bones is slated for release soon, on August 21, 2013, catch it!

For casting of ‘Malec’ (terms being used as in ‘Magnus/Alec’), Kevin Zegers (Gossip Girl) is practically perfect for the profile of Alec, and on top of that, I can feel that potential chemistry that can be developed with that Asian super-hot newbie, Godfrey Gao, as the bi-sexual and super-sexy warlock, Magnus. Although it is a little off the rails, I must admit, nothings gonna change my mind that Malec is always my most likeable romantic couple in TMI, and also the one I will be looking forward to when the movie is out!

Regardless, evanescence – Imaginary will always be the overture that I felt related to TMI: City of Bones! I don’t know – there’s something about the euphoric rhythm and lyrics gave me a real good kick! One thing for sure, that Screen Gems already have new OST composed (indie rock genre will be most likely in the list) to be released soon!

Article by Casey Ng, special to Influx Magazine