The Nun II is an entertaining, but run-of-the-mill descent into darkness

by Ed Blackadder

In the realm of horror cinema, few films manage to strike a chord with audiences as effectively as many in the universe of “The Conjuring.” Directed by Michael Chaves, the sequel to the 2018 hit “The Nun” transcends the boundaries of traditional horror to deliver (at times) a bone-chilling, theologically-tinged horror flick that is just scary enough to frighten audience goers, but may not be enough for the hardcore horror fan.

“The Nun II” picks up the threads of the dark narrative spun in its predecessor, immersing the audience once again into the ominous world of Valak, the demon nun that haunted our nightmares from the first installment.

The film introduces us to a new cast of characters, along with familiar faces in Taissa Farmiga (Irene) and Jonas Bloquet (Maurice).

From a visual perspective, “The Nun II” is well-made. The cinematography, under the skilled eye of Tristan Nyby, immerses the viewer in a world that deftly plays with light and shadows, creating a palpable sense of foreboding that never lets up.

But it’s the design of Valak that truly steals the show. The haunting imagery of the demon, both alluring and repulsive, is sure to etch itself into the viewer’s memory. From its spectral visage to its chilling presence, Valak is a worthy antagonist in the pantheon of horror villains.

While this sequel is somewhat of a disappointment in terms of storytelling, it has a foreboding atmosphere and some nice moments of payoff for a horror film.

The standout performance comes from Taissa Farmiga, who is reprising her role as Sister Irene. Her performance is a masterclass in emotional intensity, and her character’s evolving faith is at the heart of the film’s emotional resonance.

In an era where horror films often prioritize jump scares over substance, “The Nun II” is a beacon of hope this Halloween season.

Ed’s Grade: C+