Where Roaming Dogs Go

This article was first published in 1999 in the Sun Newspaper. Nothing has changed. Oddly enough, I received hate mail because of this. Strange (I think).

I have had four dogs in my lifetime. I love dogs. I have even been thinking about getting another one.

But even as a dog lover, there is one thing I just do not understand and will probably never understand. Why is it okay for dogs to “go” on other people’s lawns?

And by using the word “go,” I think you know what I’m talking about. In the last year my wife has worked very hard on reviving our lawn. She’s outside on a regular basis planting new seed and fertilizing – and filling in bare spots where “go” remnants have killed the grass.

When dogs are “going” on my lawn, I will walk outside and watch the dog owner. I will stand there and stare, doing whatever I can to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible.

“Say, that’s a nice dog.”
“What exactly is it doing on my lawn?”

This is my lawn, my yard, not a public doggy restroom. Even when people are courteous enough to scoop the messes up, there is still something left behind to step in or kill my lawn.

It seems that being a responsible dog owner means walking your dog on a leash and letting it defecate on your neighbors’ lawns. Wow, what a good neighbor. Thanks.

I have never seen a dog owner walk their dog and let them “go” on their own front lawn.

And why not?

Because they know that it will kill the grass. They know it will leave a little something behind to step in. They know it’s disgusting, and quite frankly, just don’t want it in their yard.

Owning a dog is like having a kid that never grows up. It’s a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. It’s so much responsibility it makes me wander, who should be licensed? The dogs or the owners?

Dogs always need attention and most of them will never truly be potty trained. If you think you are responsible enough to own a dog and you are responsible enough to be a dog owner, do the responsible thing – let the dog “go” in your own yard.

Or at the very least, when your dog is ready to “go” and they’re on someone else’s lawn, move them over to the parkway – that’s city property.

by Brian Barsuglia

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