A weight loss story

by Nav Qateel

Thanks to spending most of my time sitting down watching movies or TV shows and typing away on the computer keyboard, I started rapidly gaining weight. I should have weighed in at around 165 lb, but eventually tipped the scales at 228 lb!

After much prompting from my family, plus having just celebrated my 50th birthday, I decided to join a local gym on May 3rd of this year (2015). It was there that I met several people that would offer fantastic advice, give excellent tips, and along with my family, encourage me to lose 50 lb in only 6 months. But, as my journey is still ongoing, I wanted to talk about one of the people that helped me reach the first, and arguably the hardest of my goals, Mr. Thomas “Tam” Wetherall.

Tam Wetherall, from Maryhill, Glasgow, U.K., joined Slimming World on 10th June 2014, weighing a massive 252. Now, initially this might not sound much, but when you consider that the 47-year-old father of four stands at a mere 5′ 2″ you begin to appreciate Tam’s achievement.

Tam W Before - After

This before and after photo says more than words can. On the left is Tam before he started dieting, and on the right is a recent shot of him weighing a righteous 167 lb.

In his first year at Slimming World, Tam would win the title of “Mr. Sleek,” followed by taking the coveted “Biggest Loser” crown. He would then go on to win “Man of the Year,” and become an inspiration to many people trying to shed pounds, myself included.

All told, Tam lost a total of 85 lb in only a year and change, making his story all the more impressive. Needless to say, he’s now more active than ever, doing all the things that were once only a spectator sport to the diminutive dynamo. Most days, Tam can be seen swimming at the local pool or lounging in the sauna. But more importantly, he’s no longer at risk of having a heart attack, and he’s never been in better shape. Tam Wetherall may not be tall, but he casts the shadow of a giant.

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