The Suicide Squad is a mess of fun

by Gordon Shelly

If you are a comic fan, or follow the DC or Marvel Universes, then you probably already know everything you want or need to know about this movie.

I have no particular love for any single universe – not the MCU, not the DCU, not Star Wars, not Lord of the Rings, not Star Trek, not Saw, not The Conjuring and so on.

What I love is a movie that achieves its goal. A good movie is a good movie. A fun movie is a fun movie. A funny movie is a funny movie and so on.

The hardcore fandom that now surrounds these worlds is a mystery to me. People get defensive, offensive, mean, and angry if you do anything that disrupts the universe they love.

I can poke holes in any of them all day long, but why? What’s the point? If a fan base likes them, let them enjoy them for what they are. That’s the key – for what they are.

Don’t pretend Avengers is Citizen Kane, because it ain’t. Fans set expectations so high for these movies, at some point disappointment is all that’s left.

However, The Suicide Squad knows exactly what it is. It is a fun, goofy, violent, superhero, fantasy movie.  Yes, I said the “F” word.

Fantasy. All superhero movies are fantasy built in fantastical worlds that have been overrun by fanatical worlds.

From the first five minutes, The Suicide Squad lets you know exactly what you are in for and never relents.

The plot is pretty simple and straightforward, and goofy as hell. Only a handful of characters and actors return from the disjointed Suicide Squad, among them, of course, is Margot Robbie and her predictably unpredictable Harley Quinn. However, while she has her key moments, this is not her movie, it is an ensemble, giving many of the characters their time in the spotlight.

At its heart though, The Suicide Squad plays like a feature-length ode to Deadpool 2’s X-Force! From start to finish, main characters get disassembled, dismembered, and dispatched in a variety of horrific and creative ways.

Take it for what it is, talking shark and all, and The Suicide Squad is an absolute blast.