A very, very different sort of sci-fi experience…

by Martin Hafer

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the amazing number and quality of fan films based on the Star Trek world that are floating about the internet.  Well, I’ve recently been introduced to another internet sci-fi film but it’s very, very different in many ways.  Daryn Murphy has created Time Keeper but it’s not exactly a film as he has broken the story down into a web series…with installments coming out as Murphy and his team completes them.  This isn’t because Murphy wouldn’t like to make a film out of Time Keeper—it’s more a matter of his completing the project in stages as he develops funding.  To keep costs down, much of the work is done by him…writing, directing, editing…even many of the special effects.  And this gets me to what impressed me the most about the series…these special effects.  While they look nice throughout all the episodes, season two simply blows me away…with some graphics that look as good as anything I’ve seen in the big Hollywood productions.  At the end of the second season you see Jupiter suddenly near the Earth…and it just looks fabulous.  When asked about these effects following a screening in a theater, Murphy indicated he just taught himself and worked and worked until it looked right…and does it look right!

As for the story, it’s quite good but rather hard to explain but I’ll try.  A man named Mitch Manners (Matt Lunsford) is an unwilling time agent.  He is not 100% sure of what is happening much of the series because each time he’s sent back to an earlier time in his life, he loses many of his memories.  And, each time he makes this jump, he’s met by his boss, David (Chris Jackson, who also one of the producers of the series) whose job, it seems, is to brief and de-brief Mitch and make sure he completes his mission.  But here’s where it gets odd…the mission seems to change throughout the series and just how much David is on Mitch’s side is a bit vague. 
While he continually reminds Mitch that he must complete the mission of the Earth will be destroyed, Mitch isn’t completely convinced–especially as the mission often involves killing someone.  As the shows progress, you see that David and Mitch aren’t the only operatives…there are several others and with differing loyalties, and Mitch is thoroughly confused and doesn’t know who he can trust.  With memories missing and so many people telling him different things, he’s thoroughly lost.  As for those watching this, it is confusing at times and there are lots of twists that catch you off guard.  But the production is so interesting, you find yourself looking forward to the next installment.  Plus, Lunsford’s character is a very likeable guy…much of it because through it all he maintains a goofy sense of humor and sarcasm!

So where is the series now?  Season two has just been completed and season three is on the horizon. If you’re interested in seeing it, go to www.timekeepershow.com  And, if you’re interested in funding the project, I am sure Daryn would be happy to hear from you!