I will be updating this article regularly, with each episode of season 6 being added. But I’ll also give a brief description and my take on seasons 1 through 5, so you can either go to each episode, or simply check back here.

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Season 1 brought us Vampires like never before seen, as they are ‘out of the closet’ and thanks to a new scientific development, no longer need to drink human blood. The new invention is of course the synthetic plasma named “Tru Blood”, which allows a sort of uneasy co-existence with human and Vampire, but need and want are two different things. We also learned that humans get a buzz from drinking Vampire blood but the side effects are very dangerous, or funny in the case of Jason Stackhouse. He is forced to go to hospital to get his penis drained of blood! My eyes are watering thinking about it! This is arguably the best of the five seasons, but I think season 6 may yet surprise, and Influx will have an episode review here or on the page of the episode in question.

Season 6 Ep 01 Review:
After the season five finale, and of course the entire fourth and fifth season, I had almost given up hope of seeing the True Blood I fell in love with, or if it would ever show its pale face again. I’m glad to report that it looks to be heading in the right direction, with a new cast member that is actually well suited to this type of show. Rutger Hauer is now the new/old nemesis of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who obviously wants to do harm, so now I’m getting really interested. Remember when Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) did something similar in season two, as she caused all sorts of mayhem? We might just be witnessing something like that. It will take a bold move to get this show back on track, but if anyone can bring something unique and special to a role, Rutger Hauer is the man. He is playing Warlow, but is listed as both Niall Brigant and Macklyn Warlow, so it isn’t entirely clear yet what his intentions are but I’m sure we’ll find out next episode.

The end of the last season (five) we saw the insane with power Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) get his comeuppance after he almost wiped out the remaining Faerie’s, who were hiding in their invisible club. Then Bill Compton killed off anyone who was also interested in drinking the blood of Lilith, and then after drinking it himself, he appeared to be reborn. It’s right at this part we rejoin the action in this opening episode of season 6, with a blood covered Bill looking quite pissed. The governor of Louisiana has called a press conference where he outlines his plans to rid his State of the Vampire scourge, making it safe for humans again, but what is he really up to and what does he gain by using the executive order?

We see the aftermath of the Werewolf takeover bid by mister six pack himself Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), so with plenty shirt ripping and bare breasts he gets to do the honors with the old pack masters flesh. Alcide’s father (Robert Patrick) stands by his son, so I hope to see some more interesting situations for our hairy characters. The Werewolves at least had a decent storyline to follow. Better than than anything else that was going on last season. Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) and Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston) are having to deal with the large gift left for Andy. The kids must surely be his because the resemblance is uncanny. None of them have hair! I don’t think that will last for very long.

One of my favourite characters was played by the talented and very funny Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), who kept me laughing in the first season. He’s not been the same since he was locked up and tortured by the Vampires, but he may get to be his old self again, and would most definitely help the waning series, in my humble opinion. Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) is summoned to wherever Bill is, but Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) tries to stop her after Sookie (Anna Paquin) objects to her going. Sookie and Bill must sort things out between them, as does Eric and she. Things don’t go quite as planned. Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) gets acquainted with Warlow but what will happen when Jason finds out who he’s been talking to?

It really does appear to be getting back to basics this season, and just maybe win back any viewers who had given up hope. I hung on and watched it all, so now we are getting rewarded for our loyalty with a great return to form.

E Blackadder

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