Warlow Revealed

This was a good episode with just the right amount of drama, action and Vampirism to satisfy any True Blood fan. It really did have it all, with some stand out scenes. Like the one at the end involving Jessica (Deborah Anne Woll) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), but the story itself is interesting, which really is half the battle.

Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) had passed out and Ben brings him unconscious into the house. Sookie calls an ambulance but while she’s busy, Ben reveals a set of pointy fangs and bites his own arm in order to give Jason a few drops of his blood. This revives him instantly, to the amazement of Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Faerie Grandpa (Rutger Hauer). Things are starting to make sense. The Werewolves have killed all of Nicole’s friends and now, badly injured, she allows Sam (Sam Trammell) to help her get away.

The Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard) and his troops are too late to rescue his daughter Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) and they have no luck with the glamoured witness they left behind. Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) is having trouble trying to keep his rapidly growing kids from reading an unwilling Terry’s mind, as they see what happened when he had to kill his pal Patrick. Andy ushers them to bed, switching out the light, but within a few moments the girls grow to be well developed teenagers who want to have fun. They steal Andy’s squad car and head out to buy beer.

Jessica finds them in a store trying to talk the store owner into serving them booze, but Jess tells them she’s having a party, so they join her and Bill, then set off to Bill’s home. Bill takes blood from each of the willing Faerie kids, but they start to tire of their new surroundings and want to leave. Sookie finds a spot of blood on the floor, right where a previously ill Jason lay before he suddenly became cured. Jason is running around doing exercises and acting hyperactive. Sookie tests the blood and realises Ben is not what he seems. She prepares silver laced food for him after he agrees to come to dinner, but Ben has had a run in with Grandpa and Jason. Jason gets off much lighter than Gramps.

The final scene was a real surprise and I’m not sure if what has been done can be salvaged, but I really don’t see how. A leopard can not change its spots. One of the best of season 6 and I hope they stay as good as this, if not better.

Grade: A-

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine