Dead Meat

Last episode saw Sookie having sex with another magical type person, Warlow the Vampire Faerie, who as per usual, spoke of undying love etc (as does everyone she sleeps with), but she appears to be taking this one a little more seriously than the others. Jason is in trouble, but Sookie is too busy with other matters to be worrying about her bro, and he’s too busy being Violet’s bitch in the vamp facility. Eric is losing the plot now that Nora is dead, and he’s putting the blame on Bill, so we might get to see some rivalry, like back in the good old days of season 1 + 2. We know Eric is a formidable enemy, but Bill is now Billith, able to walk in the day without burning to true death. It would appear Eric is looking for some of that himself, but to what end? I’m not sure if he wants to ultimately help the other vampires, like Pam and her progeny, or if his only interest is revenge.

Eric is standing over the body of his sister, crying blood, when Bill asks him to help save the others. Eric starts blaming Bill for not getting Warlow’s blood, and when he correctly guesses that Sookie is the reason for Bill’s failure in not acquiring the needed blood, Bill gets very angry and uses his powers to make Eric float in the air. Of course Eric starts to mock him by doing the Peter Pan thing where he says “I can fly!”

Warlow tells Sookie, he’s waited 6000 years for her, and now that he’s had her (biblically), he can’t wait any longer. He wants to turn her into a faerie vampire, so she can live with him for eternity. Sookie spends the episode trying to decide what to do, and at one point she tries to ask Bill for advice. Jess and James have been together in the office fooling around for a few hours now, but they get spotted and put back in gen pop, and while there, James tells Newlin not to drink the blood. This doesn’t bode well for James.

Arlene isn’t coping very well and argues with Terry’s family about having a 21 gun salute at his funeral, because she tells the Bellefleur matriarch Terry was killed by a gun, plus he hated that he even joined the military in the first place. She is also very upset when she learns of the $2 million insurance policy. Sarah does her usual crazy stuff but she decides to add murder to her list of sins committed in the name of God. There are a couple of interesting scenes with Sam, one of which is being called silver fox by his girlfriend’s mother, and the other was when Sookie tells him something he would have wanted to hear in season one, but definitely not now. It ends up looking like everyone is going to meet the light, the way Bill has been seeing it in his visions, but we know it can’t possibly end like that. Or could it?

Grade: A

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine