I found you (Spoiler Warning)

The way this week’s episode, titled I found you, opened, with Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse getting down and dirty with one another, was certainly the last thing I expected to see. It turns out to be another of Jason’s sex-filled dreams, but it also hinted at the return of show favorite Alexander Skarsgård. The writers are apparently trying to liven the last season up but for every step they take forward, they seem to take two more back. Season 7 has to first dig itself out of the hole they put themselves in last season, before they can give fans a finish of the sort they deserve.

True Blood
Created by
Alan Ball
Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nelsan Ellis, Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston
Episode Release Date
29 June 2014
Ed’s Grade: C+

An entire neighboring town has been wiped out by Hep-V infected vampires, which Sookie and the gang discover when they go searching for the whereabouts of Arlene, Holly and Nicole. During a search of the house of a victim found near Bon Temps, we’re treated to some classic Jason Stackhouse after he eats a bit of leftover pizza from the dinner table, then tells Andy exactly how old it is.

Upstairs, Sookie and Alcide find a diary that belonged to the dead girl and as Sookie reads from it, we’re shown a flashback of when Sookie talked Bill into taking her to Fangtasia that very first time. This was from back when True Blood was still good and relevant. Ah, the good old days. How I miss you. I liked the flashback sequence and thought the whole thing was well directed.

While Sookie and the others are trying to find the missing townies, the remaining residents of Bon Temps prove how easily led they can be. At the first sign of trouble they drop all pretence of being good vampire-loving, law-abiding citizens, and follow the troublemaking Vince. Of course, everyone will remember Vince from back in that famous episode titled ‘Who The F*ck is Vince?’ Vince’s vigilante mob take over the town and raid the police station for weapons.

Arlene, Holly and Nicole are still at the mercy of the infected vampires but Arlene recognises one of them and persuades her to help them escape. Lettie Mae has been sensing Tara and she finally gets to see her after drinking V. I’m not sure what’s actually happening with Tara at this point but it would appear she’s stuck in some sort of vampire limbo. Jessica’s spider senses start to tingle when she feels Adilyn is in trouble. Jessica talks Andy into letting her look for her. We end with Pam finally catching up to Eric but his infection appears to be quite advanced.

I don’t know how to feel about this episode, although, it’s a bit better than last weeks. They have a lot to do in this last season and not much time left to do it, but I’m hoping they manage to finish on a high. We’ll see.

TV Review by Lead Entertainment Writer, Ed Blackadder