Karma (Spoiler Warning)

In the second good episode of this final ever season of True Blood, we learn Sarah Newlin has one huge surprise in store for all the Hep-V infected vampires, like Eric and Bill. It’s a bit of a game-changer, to say the least, but will her healing, antidote-carrying blood still be usable if she ends up killed by Eric and his new Yakuza allies? I thought it was strange that the Yakuza were cool with letting Eric take his revenge so long as they could keep the body, but that could be the reason why. Even dead, Sarah’s blood could be used to recreate the Hep-V antidote, thus saving many vampire lives, and let’s not forget how True Blood could be once again the number one refreshment for vampires, making the Japanese businessmen wealthy again.

True Blood
Created by
Alan Ball
Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston
Episode Release Date
27 July 2014
Ed’s Grade: B+

Before we found out about Sarah’s cure, Jessica overheard Bill talking on the phone about his Hep-V positive condition. Pretending not to have heard him on the phone, Jessica tells Bill about the breakup with James, however, she doesn’t tell him just why they broke up, and how after catching Lafayette and James doing the nasty, she and Jason also got it on. Bill heads off to see a specialist lawyer who deals with vampires dying of Hep-V, by helping them get their affairs in order. Bill wants his will amended to allow his progeny to receive everything after he dies. The office is so busy Bill has to wait for 7 hours, and meantime his condition has begun to rapidly worsen. After getting told by the uncaring and unlikable lawyer he has no rights as an undead person, and how she’ll only help Bill if he pays her $10 million, he promptly kills her by stabbing her in the neck with a letter-opener. I swear, I could hear lots of cheering coming from many of the apartments next to mine!

Bill’s condition is worsening by the second yet we don’t know why his Hep-V is accelerating like that and advancing faster than anyone else. The theory I’ve come up with is that it’s because of who it was that gave it to him in the first place. When Bill, Sookie and the others fought with the infected vamps who had kidnapped the Bon Temps townies, Sookie had to feed Bill. While Bill was at the lawyers, Jessica tells Sookie about Bill being sick. Jason takes Sookie to the doctors to be tested, and now she knows she’s to blame for Bill dying. Now, because Sookie has special faery blood, I’m thinking it could make the Hep-V more virulent, thus causing Bill’s illness to run its course extra fast. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Because James can’t go home to Jessica, he asks Lafayette if he can crash at his pad for the night. After agreeing, he warns Lettie Mae not to pester James for some of his V, but before Lettie Mae gets a chance to start ranting like crazy, James offers her his blood because he thinks it’s good to have a spiritual experience from time to time. Lafayette insists on joining her so he can prove to her, once and for all, she’s just imagining she’s seeing Tara. He gets a shock when he joins Lettie Mae in the vision, and both can see her on a cross gibbering nonsense. Reverend Daniels arrives and snaps Lettie Mae out of the vision, then makes her chose between him or her visions. Lafayette is now backing up her story but in the end Lettie Mae choses Tara, leaving Daniels to walk away. Isn’t this the same reverend Daniels who recently told Willa he would always stand by Lettie Mae?

Eric and Pam are now helping the Yakuza look for Sarah Newlin, and when they arrive at Sarah’s previously infected sister’s home and find her mysteriously cured, a stunned Eric demands to know how this could be. It looks as though by simply drinking Sarah’s blood it instantly cures, but they still need to find her in time–which I’m sure they will–before they drop dead of the virus. But Eric and Bill look like they only have a matter of days left.

Andy catches Adilyn and Wade in bed together, and after a fight the pair run off. Because Jason and Jessica were overheard by Violet the previous night, without letting on she knows about his indiscretion, Violet decides to try to be extra nice to Jason and win back his affections. After Jason is called away to help Jess on an unrelated matter, Violet thinks it’s all over and leaves Jason a Dear John letter. Violet finds Adilyn and Wade making out in a treehouse, then persuades the gullible lovers she has the perfect place for them to stay, away from Andy’s wroth. It looked to me like Violet specifically set out to find Adilyn, and there are only two reasons I can think why she’d do something like that. The first reason, but the least likely, is because of Adilyn’s faery blood. The other reason, and the one I think more likely, is because Jessica is extremely protective of Adilyn after murdering all her sisters for their blood. Clearly, this will indirectly cause things to sour between Jason and Jessica, especially if Jess starts wallowing in self-pity again. After all, she has promised to protect her.

All in all, last week’s episode and now this one, are looking like the way the show used to be, back when it was still brilliant. Now I’m starting to wish there was a season 8 to look forward to!

by Ed Blackadder