Speak of the Devil

Not just as good as episode 10 but still one of the best, as the storyline starts to get more interesting. Maxine ‘Max’ Seagrave (Natalie Zea) has brought something new and exciting to Under The Dome and saved it from getting too much like a soap. Max has kept Barbie and Jim Rennie at odds with each other, but only up to a point. This type of character is traditionally played by a man, so having a nice looking woman play the bad guy worked out pretty well. Junior is one of the best characters in this show, and watching him go off the rails is fun, but a feminine touch has breathed new life into the show, and with only two more to go of season 1, it looks as though we’re gathering pace, to give us a strong finish. Well, I hope that’s the plan.

Angie, Joe, Norrie and Junior are trying to decide why the Dome has chosen them. They can see constellations in the barn, but also four small stars next to one another. They think it might represent themselves. After more talk, Joe sets off to tell Julia of their discovery. Linda is finally talking to Big Jim about the crimes he’s committed, and as usual, worms his way out of it, by telling Linda that Barbie is an enforcer for Max, and that he was trying to get money from Julia’s missing husband.

Julia tells Barbie she needs closure and wants to visit her husband’s grave. While Barbie gets ready, someone comes to the door and shoots Julia. Joe arrives just after and helps drive Julia to the hospital. Big Jim and Max are talking about business, and she’s warning Jim not to step out of line, when Junior arrives. Max implies (in her usual sneaky way) she’ll hurt Junior to get at Jim, but Junior doesn’t realise it’s a threat. Big Jim arms Junior with an automatic rifle, that had been confiscated during a gun amnesty.

While this has been going on, a huge whirlwind has been building up inside the Dome, but no one seems to know why. (Or strangely, even care). Angie thinks the Dome is warning Junior not to break up the four of them, but Joe now believes it’s Barbie who might be the Monarch that needs some crowning. Max is already a loose cannon but after she finds her mother’s bound, dead, body at the waters edge, she becomes very angry indeed. She also knows who to blame.

Grade: A-

Nav Qateel.

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