To be honest, I feel rather deflated after the season finale but I think I know why we had such a strange finale cliffhanger. This show was originally only set for one season, but as is the way with showbiz, the smell of success has driven them onwards, but who knows if it will be upwards. Speaking of upwards, why were the “pink stars” rising in lines? They were supposed to be ‘falling’ in said lines. It’s even been painted by the dead Mrs Rennie. Twice! I haven’t read the book so I can’t say for sure but this might be because of the redone script for the final episode, which was all leading up to the Dome coming down, so they couldn’t very well have it happening now. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the show but it started to get a bit better at the end, and now this rather tepid finish. They should leave the real cliffhangers to Breaking Bad. Now that’s a show that can have you hanging from a very high cliff.

Barbie was standing trial at Big Jim’s kangaroo court, but he pled not guilty to all the charges brought against him. Jim isn’t happy about it but he needs to find and secure Julia before she can tell the truth to everyone. Junior was shown a vision of his dad shot in the chest, and he’s asking the Dome why he has to kill him. Linda has joined the kids in the barn and orders that the mini-dome becomes police property. While she’s laying down the law, the mini-dome starts to go black wherever the monarch butterfly hits it. It then starts to make a noise and when the kids explain that if they touch it the noise will stop, Linda has the brilliant idea of touching it herself. (Who would actually do that?).

Needless to say, she is blown off her feet. The egg is glowing from inside the mini and the four hand shapes appear on top, so the chosen ones each place their hands on it. The mini-dome disintegrates into dust, leaving the egg free. Julia has freed Barbie and they are there to witness this happening. The butterfly appears to be dead but after Norrie touches it, it then flies around until apparently circling Barbie, but after the egg starts to shake causing huge tremors, Julia picks it up, becoming the Monarch who should be crowned. After some expected weirdness from Junior, the group take off to protect the egg.

Big Jim knows they have the egg and on his way to look for it, he comes across most of the townsfolk heading into the church (very Stephen King). He decides to use it to do some more grandstanding by telling them he has faith in God. After hearing that Junior has recaptured Barbie, he orders a gallow be built to serve as a reminder that the law must be obeyed, plus the fact that he’s desperate to kill Dale Barbie in public. There was a very funny scene between the imprisoned Barbie and the smirking Jim Rennie, where Barbie tells Jim he’s worse than a criminal. Jim asks him what that might be and Barbie replies “you’re a politician.” The townsfolk are all waiting on a hanging but instead get to see some pink stars falling in the wrong direction after Julia follows the instructions of a mysterious “visitor.”

Grade: B-

TV Review by Ed Blackadder,