Killed On The Rebound

This show is really quite good when compared to the other attempts at doing a Stephen King penned film, but its far from perfect. (Stephen King and cast members chat, watch the video on the right) Mega influential Steven Spielberg and the other Stephen wouldn’t have executive produced otherwise, but they haven’t always hit pay-dirt, however, this time they most definitely have, with an estimated 17 million viewers watching the premier. That is extremely impressive for any show, but we’ll see how popular the $3 million an episode show remains. I for one will be watching them all and I liked this episode as much as the first.

So, Dale Barbie (Mike Vogel) has had a bad dream, and is staying under the roof of the man he killed, but I don’t know if this is why he’s having the nightmare or if it’s because he can’t remember what happened to his dog-tags, which were lost during the struggle with the deceased. Barbie needs to find them in-case they are buried with the body. The Chester’s Mill radio station contains a hidden genius, as Dodee Weaver (Jolene Purdy) invents something with a box of matches and some scotch tape. Ok, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but c’mon, why haven’t the army or another agency done something like this already, in order to communicate with our domed hostages? Angie (Britt Robertson) has had it with crazy Junior Rennie (Alexander Koch) so makes an unsuccessful (and patently stupid) bid for freedom, so Junior chains her by the leg to the bed. A tethered Angie tells him she had sex with Barbie, because he questions her about them talking, and now a jealous Junior seeks to get in a bit of stalking.

Good old Reverend Lester Coggins (Ned Bellamy) is typical King, as the junkie man of the cloth reveals pick-pocketing skills along with burglary, but why stop there? He can also light a mean fire. The burgled house in question was the dead Sheriffs but after bequeathing it to Linda (Natalie Martinez), Big Jim (Dean Norris) and Lester want something from inside, but it’s now off limits. That is, until Lester the fire starter attempts to recover the needed file.

The army appear to be running experiments, in an attempt to understand whats happening in Chester’s Mill, but this also goes towards proving they had nothing to do with it, as Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre) had hoped. Julia is a small town local newspaper editor (Read Julia’s profile below) who will no doubt try to use her skills to investigate, but she also wants to know where her husband is.

This episode didn’t have anything in the way of special effects, but it was none the less just as good. This is a show I’m enjoying and is just as well, seeing how I’ll be reviewing each and every one of them, so I look forward to sitting through them all.

Grade: A

Nav Qateel.

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Julie’s Profile:

Julia is the new editor of the local newspaper, “The Independent,” and just recently moved to Chester’s Mill with her husband, Peter. She appears to be good at her job because she responds to a citizen’s tip about gas tankers making repeated trips into town and doesn’t blow off the woman’s suspicions.

She meets Dale “Barbie” Barbara by the McAlister’s house after the dome comes down and begins inspecting its borders with him. When he predicts that the army will soon swoop in and quarantine the town, she deduces that he has a military background.

Julia is married to a doctor, Peter Shumway. She finds out that he has not been working at the medical clinic every Sunday like she believed. When she cannot find him inside the dome, she assumes he was cheating on her. She does not know that earlier that day, Barbie buried his dead body in the woods, for unknown reasons. Julia strikes up a friendship with Barbie and even insists he stay with her when she finds out he has nowhere in town to stay.

(Taken from IMDb)