The Endless Thirst

As the title ‘The Endless Thirst’ suggests, water has suddenly become a rare and vital commodity in Chester’s Mill, bringing out the very worst in them. It was inevitable, that things would descend into chaos eventually, as in any situation, when people are forced to live as prisoners in their own town, and resources become scarce. We already witnessed a close-call when the hospital ran out of medicine, and while this also played a large part (certainly, the cause of the drought at the start), it was simple water that brought Chester’s Mill to its knees. Big Jim is playing both saint and sinner again, with son, Junior, playing a more minor role in this episode, but there is plenty of time for Junior to get up to his old tricks again. Mike Vogel who plays Barbie, and Rachelle Lefevre, Julia, talk about the season finale at Comic-Con, and the fate of Junior Rennie, in the video to the right of this article. I also just found out that we just might be getting another season of Under the Dome.

As episode 5 closed, we were witness to the destruction left outside the Dome, after the government dropped the biggest bomb in its arsenal, in a futile attempt to destroy the Dome (and everyone inside). Opening on 6, a lot of the townsfolk are standing at the side of the Dome, where Big Jim is warning everybody to stay clear of the Dome, after the Sheriff was killed by an exploding pacemaker. This is obviously to prepare for the eventual discovery of a murdered Lester. Within moments, Linda turns up and tells them of Lester’s death. Linda notices her radio isn’t working properly, caused by some sort of signal, canceling out their own.

Alice and Carolyn are driving home with Norrie and Joe, when Alice starts to complain of feeling unwell. She feels too hot, thanks to running out of insulin, and after getting out of the car, she staggers onto the road, causing a truck to swerve, and crash into the Chester’s Mill water-tower, taking out the town water-supply. Linda takes Barbie to the lake, which is where all the water comes from, but they find dead fish floating on top. The water is now contaminated with fuel, and undrinkable, as is displayed to Big Jim, by setting a sample of it alight. They now have trouble ahead.

Angie is telling Junior how she thought she was going to die, but after he starts doing his weird routine, Angie bounces a snow-globe off his noggin, them quickly makes a run for it. Junior then spends most of this episode hunting for her. Julia is at the radio station, finding out that they are having the same trouble as Linda, with their equipment, but Dodee has rigged up a small antenna, to a device, which can home-in on the disruptive signal. Julia and Dodee go out in a car, to try and track the moving signal down.

Linda offers to deputies Barbie, but he’ll do the job without the badge, he tells Linda. A small riot breaks out in a store, and after being assaulted, Barbie has to be calmed down, after he almost beats the guy badly. The whole town eventually starts to riot, as they are all very scared about running out of everything needed to survive. Norrie and Joe have some explaining to do, and Angie ends up in serious danger, but this time, neither Rennie is involved. It also looks like the Dome may hold some big secret to do with their very survival making this another good episode.

Grade: A

Nav Qateel.

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Dodee Weaver (Jolene Purdy, Donnie Darko) Profile

Dodee Weaver works at the radio station, as the engineer. She works beside local DJ Phil Bushey. After the Dome came down, Dodee overheard the soldiers refer to it as the Dome, so she was the one who discovered what the object was, and also what to call it. It’s thanks to her tech skills, that they are able to track down the source of the interference in this episode.