Imperfect Circles

I’m not exactly sure where they get the title ‘Imperfect Circles,’ as it could apply to several things, albeit very indirectly, but it might be simply about the death and birth of a character. Maybe. Norrie and Joe decide to investigate where the source of the Dome’s power may be coming from, and I’m surprised it took a kid to figure out some very simple math. Junior is getting to play at cop some-more, as he and Linda go after the two brothers who murdered Angie’s aunt, but when Junior learns that they almost raped Angie, he gets back to his old creepy self, with much gnashing of teeth. Actually, It’s Junior’s calm demeanor that makes him more creepy, than if he did lose it. If anyone remembers the old Brit comedy Fawlty Towers, then seeing Junior getting slapped on the head, is very like Manuel’s treatment at the hands of an ever angry Basil Fawlty.

Norrie wakes up an embarrassed Joe, asking him to go with her to investigate. Meanwhile, a heavily pregnant Harriet hallucinates seeing her husband Greg, and touches the Dome, thinking it him. Her waters break, so she and Julia set off to see Alice. Alice herself isn’t in good shape now that the insulin is finished. We saw Big Jim promise Angie he would ensure her safety when it came to his psycho son, but as soon as he’d made the promise, Junior walked in. Big Jim hits Junior and ejects him from his home, telling him not to come back.

Angie goes to pay her respects to Rose, who is still laid out in Sweetbriar Café. While there, Joe’s friend Jim shows up and offers to help bury Rose. Angie also finds out about the money Rose was borrowing from Big Jim. Junior and Linda set off to hunt for the Dundee brothers, who had killed Rose while looting the cafe. Junior tells Linda they should be looking in the junk yard where they all played as kids. Barbie hunts for the killers locally, and finally catches up to them as they try to jack some fuel from Julia’s car, preventing she and Harriot getting to Alice’s. The Dundee’s escape — for a while.

Big Jim offers to bury the hatchet with Ollie, but with a smug look on his face, he asks Jim if he’s sure he still owns the fuel. Ollie has clearly done something, and Big Jim will find out soon, just what that is. Norrie and Joe have been trying to recreate the events that caused them to receive signals from the Dome, but to no avail, and then Joe has a brilliant idea which sets them off to find the center of the object. Alice has to try and deliver a child while sick. Big Jim is not in as much control as he thinks, and Norrie and Joe find something that may just be the answer to the riddle.

Grade: A

Nav Qateel.

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Norrie Calvert-Hill (Mackenzie Lintz, The Hunger Games) Profile

16 year-old Norrie is the daughter of Alice Calvert and Carolyn Hill. They all moved from California in an attempt to try to get Norrie to straighten out her life, but they get stuck at Chester’s Mill after the Dome comes down. Mother Alice is diabetic. Norrie meets her father in one of the episodes, but she was always told she came from a donor sperm. Norrie and Joe McAlister have a strange connection to the Dome, and they get ever closer to finding out why.